There's a Bot For That: The new mobile strategy


Why you should read this research paper:

On mobile, Apple and Google both won. The logical question becomes, “what happens next?” Where will we see the next set of game-changing innovations? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a common answer but IoT is only one variable in the equation. 

In this white paper, we’ve identified six forces that are creating a fertile environment for a new set of technologies to emerge into our personal and working lives: conversational platforms and services. We believe this next set of digital innovations (e.g. bots, agents, and digital assistants) will drastically reduce the barriers between man and machine, and more broadly, they will improve the human experience.

Six forces shaping the new mobile strategy:

  1. Messaging Apps Have Surpassed Social Networks
  2. Messaging Gets Rebooted
  3. The Rise of Conversational UI
  4. Heightened Competition for App Eyeshare, Mindshare
  5. The Expansion of Ecosystems and  APIs
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data to Feed It

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Meet the Author:


Paul Heckel

Director, Digital Strategy