Mobile - Addition by Elimination - Solstice 2019 Trends

As consumers desire more simplicity, innovation in 2019 will take aim at wastefulness and inefficiency in the relentless pursuit of “less is more”.

It is not often that one of the most innovative companies in the world announces that its latest release is not about “new,” but about “less.” But that is exactly what happened when Apple announced its new Screen Time feature with iOS 12, which tracks users’ tech usage in an effort to decrease, not increase, time spent using its devices.

This trend is far-reaching. Consumers and buyers are demanding that brands and organizations better value their time, find more efficient means of moving goods and services, and take action against waste and climate change.

We live in an age of unparalleled abundance, and that might be what is driving us toward a tipping point of desiring less of, fewer of, and even eliminating altogether the wasteful, inefficient, and nonvalue-added facets of our lives.

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As we suffer the consequences of people peak complexity, think before you create.