Founded in 2001, we’ve spent the last 14 years helping industry leading global brands evolve and capitalize on new technology. We understand the hurdles large enterprises face when forced to innovate quickly in order to remain relevant in a context-driven, mobile-first world.  

At the same time, we believe the definition of mobile is changing.  Mobile is bigger than phones and tablets. Mobile is about the user, their physical environment and the digital technologies that augment their real-world experience. As mobile continues to evolve, so do we.  We invest in next generation technologies in advance of client demand through our own internal R&D to empower our clients and make them first in their respective industries.

our leadership team

J Schwan, Founder & CEO
J Schwan Founder & CEO
Dan Kardatzke, Chief Financial Officer
Dan Kardatzke Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Manthey, Chief Strategy Officer
Kelly Manthey Chief Strategy Officer
Marisa Mann Chief Operating Officer
Gregg Wheeler VP of Client Engagement
Gregg Wheeler, VP of Client Engagement
Andrew J. Whiting VP of Business Development
Gastón Algaze, Managing Director, Buenos Aires
Gastón Algaze Managing Director, Buenos Aires
Mark Wallace Managing Director, New York

our guiding principles

serve people first

Through servant leadership, our business is centered around creating experiences that our employees and customers will love to be a part of.

inspire creativity

We thrive on innovation, passion and change in a culture where there are no bad ideas or stupid questions.

embrace executional precision

Our execution is elevated by our creative direction, while grounded in solid engineering principles & quality enforcing technologies.

practice introspection

Like our clients, we continuously improve. Our systems and agile-based processes are designed to evolve as markets and needs change.

empower disruption

In a rapidly changing world, our job is to challenge the norm and make our clients first in their industry. We  believe the best way to predict the future, is to create it.

be nimble

We are built to pivot. Despite whatever the initial vision may be, we will adjust, mobilize and attack any new direction. We do not resist change, we embrace it.

defy gravity

We will use our quantitative research, positive attitude and empathetic tact to help our clients challenge the norm and move their business forward.

make a difference

Our work is a catalyst to empower us to make the world a better place. We use our drive, influence and technological expertise to help others.

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