Make It Real

The AI Dead Ends

In an ever-changing world, our paths are blocked by things we don’t control. In the AI space, outcomes, hype, and technology are those barriers. Solstice’s AI team works to circumnavigate these barriers and make AI real for you.


Too many unreal expectations, promises, and misinformation about the subject has made your AI journey that much more complex.


The promised land is ROI and a simpler tomorrow. You are bound to hit this roadblock if you haven't deflated the AI hype and focused on incremental growth.


ML, natural language processing, robotic process automation, and much, much more: this rabbit hole will surely keep you turning toward roadblocks.

Our AI Services


Intelligent Experiences

are crafted by emotionally intelligent businesses built on mature data strategies and outcome-driven AI offerings — think conversational UX and AI Mashups.


Advanced Intelligence

focuses on developing data models — using data science and ML within an AI architecture and a continuous learning approach — to deliver outcomes.


Decision Intelligence

leverages data platforms and AI to create better, faster, and fewer decisions across the customer journey.

Our AI Experiences

Ready to take AI from theory to practice? Explore the experiences below to see how Intelligent Experiences, Advanced Intelligence and Decision Intelligence can be used to guide you through the AI maze.

brAInwave is an example of intelligent experiences that can be achieved by bringing together cloud-based AI services with human-centered design. We call this an AI Mashup. Not all AI solutions require starting from scratch, and our friends at Amazon and Google have services readily available on their cloud platforms to solve image, voice, text, and structured data problems. See how we have taken emotion/facial recognition and a recommendations engine to deliver an AI experience called brAInwave.

Koko is meant to prove what technology is capable of by turning ML into human learning using Advanced AI. Koko is an ML model built using Continuous Learning that leverages GPUs, TensorFlow, and a VGG neural network to interpret American Sign Language (ASL). We have then taken the Koko model and placed it in an experience to teach you ASL via a game format. Check Koko out.

Siena is an omnipresent AI personality changing the way we run our business, interact with clients, and think about the employee experience. Siena is manifested through robotics, messaging, voice applications, and digital kiosks — but these experiences are merely the beginning. Siena’s conversational architecture focuses on insulating from technology shifts and future-proofing your strategy. Learn more about Siena and maps to conversational UX.

Real-World Examples

AI is all around us — companies are recognizing value and business outcomes by finding the AI path.

Siemens AG has built a manufacturing facility in Amberg, Germany that is about 75 percent autonomous. This automation allows human employees to direct their attention to other tasks.

The smartphone app uses algorithms to track spending and offer personalized suggestions to users once they’ve linked their accounts and shared their financial goals.

An autonomous indoor farming system developed by Canadian company Motorleaf brings higher efficiency to growers by capturing data about the crops and using that data to predict potential problems the crops may develop so farmers can take preventative measures.

Vertical farming startup Bowery Farming utilizes sensors at its indoor facilities to gather crop data and utilize AI technologies to determine (and therefore, adjust) growing conditions to produce premier — and efficient — crop batches.

By conducting a competition among 1,440 participants to determine distracted drivers, State Farm used machine learning (ML) algorithms to collect relevant data and better develop products for insurance clients.
Fifteen-second MRI scans are now possible. With major deep learning advancements making it possible to compare current scans with pre-existing, stored examinations, Arterys’s work has made a typically forty-five-minute procedure take fifteen seconds.
Tesla is making major developments on a specialized AI chip for its vehicles to advance in the self-driving race, ultimately increasing safety on the road.
Ryan Maguire

Make your AI journey real

Ryan Maguire, CTO of Emerging Technologies: AI