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Just over 2 years ago, Alexa came into our lives as the impressive technology behind Amazon’s new connected speaker. At her debut, she was clearly capable, but most thought Alexa was more novelty than necessity. How times have changed.

Over 10,000 integrated third party ‘Alexa Skills’ later, Alexa is answering questions, playing music, offering investment advice and controlling smart devices in 5 million homes in the U.S. alone.


You don’t have to look much farther than the latest products being developed to see that Alexa’s future isn’t as a virtual assistant, but the next great computing platform. And at Solstice, we couldn't be more excited to collaborate closely with the Amazon team to bring her to life.

As Alexa’s future continues to come into focus, one thing is remarkably clear: 

Millions of consumers not only trust Alexa, but will begin to expect that she’ll be a part of their regular everyday lives.

We're unlocking the power of Alexa

Ford and Volkswagen are building Alexa directly into cars to usher in a new standard for hands-free commands. LG is creating a new line of Alexa-powered refrigerators that can tell you, “Yes, you do need milk.” Soon enough we’ll be able to control both our televisions and our finances the same way: using just our voices. No screens. No buttons. Just a seamless and uninterrupted path between you and technology. And we're here to help.

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Pioneering Alexa for the smart home

Electrolux came to Solstice because they saw an opportunity to voice-enable their Frigidaire Gallery brand air conditioner. Partnering with our team, we built a first-of-its-kind Alexa smart home skill. 
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Amazon Alexa & Solstice

Being one of the first movers into the space, we already have extensive experience developing on Alexa Voice Services for the enterprise. Our clients benefit from intimate collaboration between Solstice and Amazon that results in faster development cycles and more robust skills.
conversational ux playbook solstice
conversational ux playbook solstice

Getting Closer to Your Customers With Conversational UX

In the last year, we saw the hype machine around "Conversational UX" reach peak fervor. With the explosion of chatbots, virtual assistants, like Alexa, and robotics, natural-language interactions will undoubtedly become the norm in terms of how people expect to interact with technology in 2017. While pundits have been shouting that it’s the next big way in which companies will reach their customers, there are still many questions that remain unanswered:

  • What does conversational UX actually mean, and what is enabling its meteoric rise?
  • How should this impact an enterprise’s current digital strategy?
  • What platforms and technologies comprise the ecosystem?
  • What are things that executives, product managers, and UX designers, should know to achieve success?

In this Playbook, we’ll answer these questions and more; all to empower you to take the first steps towards building a comprehensive conversational UX strategy.

Download this playbook

Alexa’s future is being created every day. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of it.

To explore what Alexa can unlock for your business, contact our VP of Business Development, Andrew Whiting.