Electrolux and Solstice saw an opportunity to voice-enable their Frigidaire Gallery brand air conditioner using Alexa as the first standalone air conditioner in the Amazon Smart Home Skill Store.


Customer Challenge:

Electrolux already had a mobile application that enabled a connected air conditioner experience. Along with Solstice, they hypothesized voice as a more compelling platform for controlling the air conditioner in regards to functionality such as on/off, set temperature, and increment or decrement temperature. Electrolux saw an opportunity to provide innovation in the home comfort space through the use of Alexa and Amazon voice services.

AWS & Solstice Solution:

Solstice and Electrolux leveraged Alexa, Lambda, and API Gateway to build an Alexa Smart Home Skill. Specifically, this skill used Lambda and API gateway to communicate with the Electrolux APIs and data infrastructure. This skill represented the first time Electrolux used Amazon Web Services.

Results & Benefits:

Ultimately what Solstice and Electrolux produced was a first-of-a-kind, Amazon category defining Alexa Smart Home skill allowing customers to control their Frigidaire Gallery Room Air Conditioner with the power of their voice. Leveraging a range of Amazon services and focusing on both speed-to-market and industry innovation Electrolux customers can now ask Alexa to turn their air conditioner on or increase the temperature by ‘x’ degrees. This was the first time Electrolux used AWS and other Amazon services to enable a production-grade project.

Electrolux_Skill.png               Electrolux_Alexa.png