Solstice partnered with the AWS Professional Services team to deliver an IoT proof of concept for Philips.



The Challenge:

Philips was using a homegrown "IoT Platform" for connecting all of their devices. They wanted to determine if AWS IoT could act as a replacement to that across all of their product lines. Their challenge was to find a PaaS medical grade solution combining the best of Philips HSDP Device Cloud and Amazon AWS IoT service and to build proofpoint product integrations.

AWS & Solstice Solution:

Solstice teamed up with the AWS Professional Services team to validate numerous use cases for Philips. In the first use case, the Solstice team created an Android app to deliver the following functionality with AWS IoT - pair one or more apps to a Multicooker, view real-time cooking status, control the Multicooker’s display (i.e. send a message and change a light color), and receive push notifications when the Multicooker needs attention.

In the second use case, the Solstice team validated that one could register an Ultrasound with the HSDP platform, make a service request and receive a ticket number, and upload activity logs for a service engineer to view them for troubleshooting.

Finally, the team created an admin view which provided a single overview of all applications across different types of devices.  In the final application, the client team could view a graph of CPU usage for the Multicooker, receive email alerts when its CPU usage exceeded a certain threshold, and see a list of connected Multicookers for a particular customer.

The Results & Benefits:

The Philips, AWS and Solstice teams successfully worked together to build two IoT experiences in eight weeks using AWS and Philips HSDP technology. The final proof points indicated that the platform is viable and both HealthTech Professional and Consumer products have speed to market potential. Looking forward, the team is now enabled to chart a course for investing in gap closure between the HSDP and AWS IoT platforms and the MVP candidates for new platforms. They are able to plan migration of existing and in-development products to the new platforms.