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As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner, Solstice proudly leverages the power of the Amazon Cloud across a diverse array of client engagements including full stack mobile app developments, connected hardware experiences, and voice skills.

The Amazon Cloud considerably improves a product’s speed-to-value, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced digital world. While configuring traditional enterprise infrastructure can take weeks, the Amazon Cloud allows Solstice to create a project in seconds, allowing developers to invest more time and energy in the product.

AWS' Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features, such as Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk, provide the speed and scalability Solstice needs to tackle whatever comes next.


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Thanks to the deep connectivity between AWS IoT's integration and AWS' Lambda, Kinesis, and S3 services, the Solstice team is empowered to focus on the customer experience, not the teachnology underneath it. AWS services allow our engineers to focus on building the customer experience rather than spending valuable time and dollars to construct infrastructure and security plumbing. Our engineers like working with AWS because it supports all the most common communications protocols out of the box.

Solstice Achieves AWS IoT Competency Status

AWS Greengrass: Enabling Local Execution for The Pulse

Pioneering IoT with AWS


Voice is quickly becoming an important interface for interacting with connected devices. Voice interactions provide the means to the evolution of conversational artificial intelligence. The continuous advancements of natural language processing and artificial intelligence will get us to a point where we are having natural conversations with our devices. The Amazon Alexa service and Alexa-enabled devices are at the forefront of this emerging voice technology and Solstice is helping large enterprises, such as Electrolux, build out Alexa voice interfaces to devices such as home products, cars, and financial services.

How We Unlock the Power of Alexa for Our Clients

Developing with Amazon Echo and Alexa


Lambda allows Solstice to quickly and seamlessly create and host functions on the Amazon Cloud without the worry and host functions on the Amazon Cloud without the worry and hassle of managing servers. Continuous scaling and automatic triggering from other AWS services allows Solstice to run and manage virtually any app or service on Amazon Lambda.

In a recent project with COUNTRY Financial, Solstice leveraged AWS Lambda for COUNTRY Financial's ChorePal mobile applications. ChorePal is a mobile app that allows parents to assign chores and reward points to their children for completing those chores. AWS Lambda is currently used to execute specific routines in ChorePal's backend (hosted in AWS Elastic Beanstalk) that power contextual features such as notifications, badging and more.

Solstice Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partner Status for Lambda

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