Your Holiday Shopping Sidekick; Your iPhone.

ColorfulCustomerThe Holidays are officially here and the chaotic Holiday shopping season is in full swing. Long lines, crowded stores, and a long shopping list can get overwhelming, but you can't less the chaos get the best of you! Here's a step-by-step guided collection of iPhone apps that can help ease your holiday stressors and keep you organized:

1. Prepare - Put your budget together using The Christmas List which allows you to manage your spending, shopping, and overall progress as you go through the entire gift giving process. This full featured list app features contact integration, a shopping progress pie chart, and even a passcode lock to keep snooping eyes from spoiling their own surprise.
2. Save Money - Before you head out the door to hit the crowded stores, use Swirl to find great deals from many of your favorite retailers. Swirl also features Passbook integration, allowing quick access to the offers you select.
3. Eliminate the bulk in your wallet - Re-gifting the classy way and using gift cards you've received to purchase this year's Holiday gifts for others? Go ahead and add those gift cards to Gyft, an app that allows you to store your gift cards and add them to Passbook for your convenience. Or, knock out the middle man and 'Gyft' your gift card to someone else by simply entering their email address.
4. Showroom! - Join the 48 million other users expected to showroom this Holiday Season. Red Laser allows you to scan any product's barcode to compare costs online or at stores nearby, ensuring you are getting the best deal around - literally.

5. Stay Organized - Lemon Wallet, an app looking strangely similar to Passbook boasts a nice receipt saving feature for you to document and track your spending without having to keep track of all of those pesky pieces of paper (just be sure not to ditch the gift receipts!). Lemon Wallet's greatest functionality, however, features the ability to save a digital copy of all of your cards, in the event your wallet or purse is compromised. Don't worry, it's passcode protected for your security.
6. Take a Break - You can't let yourself get too caught up in the madness! Take a breather and have some fun with the Dr. Seuss Camera - Grinch Edition which enables you to take pictures with your favorite Grinch characters, or even become the Grinch himself.


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