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We’re a service and solution oriented species. But we’re not a scripted one.

A workforce following predetermined and scripted responses to primarily straightforward tasks has proven to absolutely not be the solution to a sound customer experience.


At Solstice, we’re building AI-powered chatbots to prove what the future of customer service holds.

Imagine the impact of taking your finest customer service rep’s white gloves and turning them into an infinite number of uniformly capable, supremely intelligent and reliable extensions of your business.

Gartner predicts that customers will manage 85% of their own relationships with an enterprise by 2020 without dealing with humans.

call center chatbot solstice
call center chatbot solstice

Reduced Friction, Constant Improvement.

Be everywhere at the same time with AI. 

Costs plummeting means more resources for meaningful face-to-face service interactions. Immediate assistance means customers aren’t on hold and sales aren’t stifled. Constant learning and data gathering means risks are mitigated and your customer satisfaction goals and reality finally become one in the same.

solstice siena AI

Solstice's own digital agent

At Solstice, we believe we can’t solve your problem if we don’t solve our own. So we did. Meet Siena, Solstice’s own AI personality. She’s a chatbot, robot, and hostess for both Solstice FWD and Solstice as an organization.

For us, Siena has the direct answers our clients want, the data-gathering abilities we didn’t know we needed, and most importantly she’s helped bring the next evolution of enterprise customer service into focus.

Introducing the Siena Framework™

Bring your digital agent to market faster.
We’ve converted Siena into a first-of-it's-kind framework clients can leverage to create richer, smarter conversations, faster. It ensures you're not starting from scratch and universally powers any conversational channel or endpoint (Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Pepper robot, etc.). 
conversational ux playbook solstice
conversational ux playbook solstice

Getting Closer to Your Customers With Conversational UX

In the last year, we saw the hype machine around "Conversational UX" reach peak fervor. With the explosion of chatbots, virtual assistants, and robotics, natural-language interactions will undoubtedly become the norm in terms of how people expect to interact with technology in 2017. While pundits have been shouting that it’s the next big way in which companies will reach their customers, there are still many questions that remain unanswered:

  • What does conversational UX actually mean, and what is enabling its meteoric rise?
  • How should this impact an enterprise’s current digital strategy?
  • What platforms and technologies comprise the ecosystem?
  • What are things that executives, product managers, and UX designers, should know to achieve success?

In this Playbook, we’ll answer these questions and more; all to empower you to take the first steps towards building a comprehensive conversational UX strategy.

Download this playbook

What are your service operations meant for?

We can help you find the answer. Talk to our VP of Customer Experience, Paul Heckel.