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Conversational UX isn't a feature or a trend. It's the milestone we’ve always been striving towards: The seamless, flawless interaction between human and technology.

The adoption of these experiences is happening at an extraordinary pace for one reason: no one wants more technology. We want technology that is more intuitive, more helpful, more seamless and more personal.

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Playbook: Get Closer to Your Customers With Conversational UX

With the explosion of chatbots, virtual assistants, and robotics, natural-language interactions will undoubtedly become the next big way in which companies will reach their customers.

However, there are still many questions that remain unanswered:

  • What does conversational UX actually mean, and what is enabling its meteoric rise?
  • How should this impact an enterprise’s current digital strategy?
  • What platforms and technologies comprise the ecosystem?
  • What are things that executives, product managers, and UX designers, should know to achieve success?

In this Playbook, we’ll answer these questions and more to empower you to take the first steps towards building a comprehensive conversational UX strategy.

One Conversation. Many Channels.

Conversational UX is an evolution towards natural-language interactions via AI personalities, voice-enabled apps, and robotics. The two-way conversation between man and machine will no longer be merely through static modal windows, it will be in all the ways our brain is hardwired -- speaking, writing, and motion.

This is why conversational UX is so important. Because it makes inherently digital interactions not feel digital.




Amazon_Alexa Amazon_Alexa

As voice-recognition technology approaches 99% accuracy, voice interactions are quickly becoming a cornerstone of the conversational UX era.

Being one of the first movers into the space, we have already gained extensive experience developing Alexa Skills for the enterprise. Our clients benefit from intimate collaboration between Solstice and Amazon that results in faster development cycles and more robust Skills that take full advantage of the Alexa platform.

Solstice is helping clients leverage voice to capture new opportunities including:

  • Opening new channels of revenue generation with frictionless purchase processes
  • Instantly and seamlessly serving up data and information to customers and knowledge workers
  • Driving customer-level or enterprise-grade IoT frameworks and applications

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Solstice is pushing the limits of what our technology can do.

- Jake Hauskens, Softbank Robotics

Meet Solstice's Artificial Intelligence, Siena

Perhaps no single component of the conversational UX ecosystem will have a greater impact on the trajectory of technology than artificial intelligence. AI is now powering a new breed of chatbots, robots, virtual assistants, concierges, front-line employees, and more.

To that end, meet Siena, Solstice’s omni-present AI personality changing the way we run our business, interact with clients, and think about the employee experience. Siena is manifested through robotics, messaging, and voice applications and digital kiosks, but these experiences are merely the beginning.

Leveraging Solstice's Conversational Architecture, clients can quickly bring to market a wide variety AI-powered applications to transform their business.


Introducing the Siena Conversational FrameworkTM

The Siena Conversational FrameworkTM allows brands to create richer, smarter conversations, faster. Think of it as a brain for your brand conversations.

Originally built in the Solstice Labs, the first-of-it's-kind framework ensures you're not starting from scratch when creating your first voice skill or chat bot. It universally powers any conversational channel or endpoint (Think Alexa, Facebook, Slack, Pepper the Robot, etc.), and at the completion of an engagement, the framework property of your enterprise.

At Soltice, we believe that every brand should own their innovation!

  • Insulation from technology shifts: Future-proof your strategy. The architecture acts as a layer of abstraction ensuring an organization's conversational strategy isn't obsolete each time new endpoint or AI/machine learning technology comes available.
  • Rapid iteration and deployment: Build once and deploy many. Once the foundation is in place, clients can quickly iterate and build as new technology and channel opportunities are presented.
  • Consistent brand personality: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Not only does this approach ensure consistency across all channels, but shared learnings ensure all conversations continually get smarter.

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