If only it was that simple. The good news is, it actually can be.

The retail banking industry is facing extraordinarily challenging times:

Customers are 5 times as likely to switch banks today than 30 years ago. 15% of retail branches have shut their doors in four years and credit card usage is on a fast track to obsolescence. More than ever before, people are looking to manage their money when, where and how they please.


It took less than 3 years for mobile apps to go from shiny object to strategic staple. With customers increasingly demanding fast, simple, and easy to use experiences, it will take less time for technologies like Alexa, AI and chatbots to do the same.

Hands free banking transactions from anywhere in your home; instantaneous and automated customer service that actually works. Early movers in retail banking are already proving that these digital experiences will soon be the rule, not the exception.

We can show you how to start.


When it comes to the future of retail banking, bank on a whole new way of doing things. Your customers already are.

solstice amazon alexa
solstice amazon alexa

Wherever, whenever banking

At Solstice, we're pushing retail banks to their utmost potential. We’re helping organizations like yours dramatically improve customer satisfaction, reduce friction and signal to your customers that you’re committed to serving them on their terms. From paying your bill with Siri to checking your balance with Alexa, staying disconnected from our new connected world simply isn’t an option.

We’re helping the world's’ leading retail banks lay the groundwork today to transform the way they do business tomorrow.


Creating Mobile Moments That Lead to CX Transformation

Solstice was brought in as a strategic innovation and development partner for this Fortune 500 financial services institution. With a focus on improving their digital customer experience, we delivered a native banking mobile application taking them from 1 to 4.5 stars in the app store. Since the release, we’ve continued to evolve their digital strategy to include new customer experiences such as bill pay using voice technology and payment transfers using chatbots.

Revolutionizing Commercial and Retail Banking

As one of the largest global banking institutions, we were enlisted to help this firm digitally transform from the inside-out. Solstice has partnered with multiple business units inside the organization, all with the same goal in mind: to create differentiated customer experiences in the market. Through user research, customer journey mapping, and strategic roadmap planning, we’re helping our client break down organizational silos while delivering innovative digital experiences for both the commercial and retail banking sides of the organization.
solstice future of banking webinar
solstice future of banking webinar

Webinar: The Future of Banking with Discover

The idea of "wherever, whenever" banking has forever changed how consumers expect to bank and borrow, and today's emerging technologies like conversational agents are only adding fuel to that fire.

As the ante continues to be raised by those inside and outside of the sector (Amazon, Uber, and Apple just to name a few), financial institutions are working harder than ever to quickly deliver compelling, simplified, and differentiated digital experiences that translate into customer loyalty.

We sat down with Discover's Director of Digital Experiences, Steve Furman, to discuss:

  • Why retail banks and lenders must re-imagine customer experiences across the entire customer journey
  • The importance of introducing new digital products and services to stay competitive in today’s changing world
  • How retail banks should look to tackle digital transformation from the inside-out
  • And much more!

Tune in now. 

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