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From health to automotive, from home to life, every insurance firm is unique, but a key challenge remains remarkably consistent: Accelerate change in a traditionally risk-averse industry.

For venerable insurance firms, digital evolution is no longer a matter of if, but how. New technologies are giving rise to consumer expectations and new entrants alike. And in the process, are upending long-standing assumptions and traditional ways of thinking.


We understand that it may feel like you’re treading water trying to figure out how to get started, but that’s where we come in.

At Solstice, we’re aligning best intention with best-in-class execution to reimagine customer experiences, design and build new digital products and services and work closely with your teams to digitize operations.

Solstice's approach to digital innovation ensures checking all of the boxes doesn't stand in the way of accelerating speed-to-market.


Pushing Your Potential Forward

We’re well-versed in heavily regulated industries, bringing to the table innovative frontend digital experiences built on top of backend solutions such as Pivotal’s Platform-as-a-service, which enables technology teams to enjoy the benefits of the cloud without exposure to the risks.

From rethinking mobile at the heart of a new digital ecosystem to reimagining foundational components like customer portals, standing still simply isn’t an option.

Push forward and engage the next generation of your customers.


Engaging the Next Generation of Insured

Digital adoption begins around 10 years of age with a kid’s first smartphone. Smart digital strategy means winning over the next generation now.

Solstice is working with COUNTRY Financial to develop an innovative mobile application that would not only appeal to card holders, but their entire family. The result is a multigenerational, delightful customer experience and award winning application, keeping COUNTRY Financial top of mind for years to come.

Driving Conversational UX into Insurance

Gartner predicts that up to 80% of customer interactions will be self-service by 2020. The best and most agile insurance firms are thinking about conversational agents and AI now

Solstice is working with several of the largest insurance companies in the country to pilot conversational experiences across existing technologies and emerging platforms such as Alexa, and Facebook Messenger. When consumers take control of their end-to-end relationship, these insurers will be one step ahead.

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