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While many still view wealth management and investing as primarily a handshake game, the writing on the wall simply cannot be ignored.

The largest wealth transfer in the history of the world is underway as baby boomers begin to pass their nest eggs to a more digitally-savvy generation. Margins and traditional business models have come under attack from automated services and AI-enhanced products. And the constant push to exceed already lofty expectations has left many firms in a challenging spot.

The elephant in the room: how do you best honor the past, while charging forward into the future?


Wealth management and investment firms come to Solstice to help reimagine their advisor and client journeys for the digital age and to develop ground-breaking new digital solutions.

For customers and clients, this means greater access to empowering information, enhanced transparency and ultimately, greater confidence. For internal stakeholders and advisors, the right investments in digital innovation can maximize the value-to-facetime ratio.

Solstice’s unique approach to digital innovation accelerates speed-to-market and levels the digital playing field for financial institutions.

wealth management solstice
wealth management solstice

Digital Innovation Drives Opportunity

The right digital investments will have far-reaching impacts on organizations including enhancing client value, reducing operating costs and improving risk & compliance.
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Redefining the Role of the Wealth Manager

Working with Solstice, a longtime wealth management client has completely reimagined how their advisors spend their highly valued time over the last several years. Through smart, digital investments, Solstice has helped to overhaul client portals, create new applications in the cloud and update front and back-end infrastructure, allowing clients around the globe to access their funds on their terms.

Ushering Conversational Experiences into Trading

While many are still on the proverbial sidelines when it comes to the rise of conversational user experiences, Solstice recently helped one of the world’s largest investment firms jump in head first. Solstice built and released one of the first Alexa skills that enables users to seamlessly check and receive real-time financial market updates, and is paving the way for future omni-channel trading interactions.

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