How to Use AI for Good

Remember New Year’s resolutions? They start strong January 1 and by Valentine’s Day, they're a distant memory.  

It’s easy to get busy and forget what is truly important and how small efforts can have big effects on on our world, environment, communities, and each other. And as businesses, maintaining that kind of focus can be even more difficult and deciding where and how to contribute as an entire organization can be daunting.

So what if deciding to do something good for someone or something was as easy as watching a 50 second video?

Augmented intelligence (AI) is already changing the way organizations operate — pushing boundaries to augment human intelligence and improve decision-making. From self-driving cars to tax calculations, AI is all around us.

A key player in AI development is Amazon, which developed Amazon Rekognition, a deep learning-based image recognition API that provides highly accurate facial analysis and facial recognition. Amazon Rekognition can receive images from a camera in any device and then categorize the emotions and sentiments captured in the camera images. Integrating this AI enabled API with a recommendation engine into a customer-centric experience connected with a camera is an example of an "Intelligent Experience." Said another way, that technology mash up can be used to help make a decisions more efficiently and effectively.

Let’s revisit our long-lost new year’s resolutions. Maybe you decided to do more good in 2019, but never made a decision on where or how to contribute your time or money. Researching charities, determining how much to all takes time, which you don’t have much of. So, why not let AI make it easier for you?

View this Intelligent Experience to see how AI can help you do more good.