AWS Greengrass: Enabling Local Execution for Solstice's The Pulse

Sarah Berger


Solstice demonstrated The Pulse at AWS re:Invent 2016. The Pulse is a real-time, sensor-driven facilities management solution built end-to-end on top of Amazon Web Services’ IoT stack. The Pulse can track any measurable environmental parameter, including heat, motion and sound. Equipped with a real-time dashboard and insights engine summarizing this data, facilities managers can make quicker and more informed operational decisions.

The Pulse is the first of its kind to leverage AWS Greengrass, a software that extends AWS IoT and Lambda for local execution on companies’ own networks. Greengrass filters and processes data locally, which saves money by sending less data to the cloud. It also helps avoid latency by staying local, so internet accessibility and bandwidth is not an issue. Finally, it improves security and compliance, allowing companies to keep local copies of data or even run entire systems without sending anything to the cloud if desired.

The Pulse uses a DragonBoard™ 410c, a development board based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 410 processor, as its gateway device, which aggregates and batches information from many different sensors. Snapdragon processors have the power and speed to support edge processing, allowing for increased local analysis of data for a more secure and reliable IoT implementation. Combined with AWS Greengrass, this brings new possibilities to commercial, industrial, medical and smart city solutions that can’t rely exclusively on the cloud.


AWS Greengrass-powered IoT solutions like The Pulse can easily be tailored to fit various industries, locations, or situations due to its flexible architecture.

How can The Pulse benefit your industry?

Building Management

  • Monitor real-time data in environments with Greengrass to immediately act on unexpected changes in temperature, volume, etc. with no latency
  • Set triggers linked to automated parts of the building to act on stimuli, like closing windows when noise levels exceed compliance limits, on a local and secure network


  • Track and monitor vibration, temperature, etc. on machinery to predict issues and prevent injury or property loss with Greengrass’s quick processing
  • Monitor manufacturing floor data across plants to identify efficiencies and scale across the larger operation, without incurring huge cloud processing costs


  • Connect medical devices to securely track individuals’ patient health information and trends across the medical facility with all data secure and local
  • Tailor the environment, furniture, and care schedule to the needs of the patient with smart hospital rooms where large amounts of data can be processed within the facility without needing the cloud.

Interested in learning more about how we built The Pulse? Read Harnessing the Power of IoT With The Pulse or watch our video below.

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