Solstice Launches Bosch VR Automated Driving at CES 2017



At CES 2017, Bosch debuted their Bosch Virtual Reality application featuring an Automated Driving VR experience. Solstice is proud to have partnered with Bosch to build and deliver this application for both Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard-enabled iOS and Android platforms. The Automated Driving VR experience is the first offering to be released on Bosch’s VR platform, with plans to release additional VR experiences in the future.

The Bosch Automated Driving VR experience places users in the driver’s seat of the Bosch Automated Driving vehicle where they are relieved from the responsibilities of manual driving, or driving as we know it today. The app provides an exciting way to give consumers an idea of what it is like to be behind the wheel of an automated driving vehicle and see the possibilities of the future when manual driving is no longer necessary.

IMG_1877.jpgBosch chose Solstice because they were looking for a firm with a balance of human-centered design and engineering expertise; a firm that will get the experience right, while also engineering a quality experience that will last. Not only could Solstice deliver on these aspects, but the team ultimately understood the technical challenges of programming in VR, while also building a product that aligns with both Bosch's users and business goals.

Partnering with Optimus for the production and animation of the 360 degree video, we engineered the Bosch VR experience using a 3D gaming platform, Unity, to combine 360 degree live driving footage, 360 degree interior video capture of the car and technology visualization, and 3D animation. Our team recorded the live footage during a drive that utilized the automated driving functionality, in order to give users a first-person perspective to experience automated driving. The experience takes advantage of the immersiveness of VR to show how automated driving is going to transform our world.

The response at CES was overwhelming. Attendees lined up at the Bosch Automated Driving booth to immerse themselves in the experience on Oculus Rift.  

Interested in experiencing the future of automated driving? The Bosch Virtual Reality app is now available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For a preview of Bosch's Automated Driving experience, watch the video below.