Bring Your Kid To Work Day 2019!

Solstice hosted its fourth annual Bring Your Kid to Work Day (BYKTWD), an event that has grown to include over 50 children (aka “future Solsties”) of Kin + Carta employees and clients. Throughout the day, Solstice’s committees, clubs and sister companies introduced the kids to our culture and what it means to work for a global technology company from our Chicago headquarters. We are still finding Legos, jelly beans, and whiteboard markers in interesting places.

One of our core goals for the day is to inspire children to see a future in technology or engineering. Several engineers and architects sat with the kids to help them program Sphero Mini robots to traverse a large cardboard maze. I’m especially proud that females dominated this activity! Joanna, age 11, had the fastest time of the day, and Jordan, age 12, convinced her dad to buy her a Sphero to continue coding after the event.

As Solstice has grown into a global company, we’ve been able to incorporate our global teams into the agenda for the day. Employees of AmazeRealise Kin + Carta introduced the kids to the United Kingdom with tea time, Maltesers, and a presentation about each country in the UK (and we still have this song stuck in our heads.) The kids also devoured empanadas and learned Spanish with Solsties from Argentina.

We are makers at heart at Solstice, and that was reflected in the afternoon activities. Kids could design and print stickers with designers, create buttons or clay masterpieces with Maker’s Club, make tie blankets for children at Mercy Housing with Philanthropy Committee, or bake chocolate chip cookies with our newly formed Cooking Club.

We often talk about “bringing your whole self to work”, and bringing your child into the office for the day is the incarnation of that statement. BYKTWD ensures that parents can show off our office (and robot!) to their kids, and it allows teams to meet the little ones of their teammates. The day embodies everything that is great about being a Solstie - giving back to the community, creating meaningful experiences with technology, and connecting with others - all while laughing and having a great time.  We’re already looking forward to BYKTWD 2020!

Do you want to bring your kid to Solstice next year? Check out our careers page for more information and to apply.