Citi's Road to Transformation: An Executive Perspective

One of the most challenging undertakings for organizations in any transformation effort is crossing the starting line. To successfully cross that starting line, it often takes a bold changemaker at the executive level to enable transformation and determine how and where an organization begins its journey.

One such changemaker is Ahu Chhapgar, who recently joined Citi as Managing Director & Global Head of Banking Channels Technology in Treasury & Trade Solutions — the division that manages Citi’s large institutional clients.

At Pivotal’s SpringOne Platform, Ahu sat down for a fireside chat with Mike Koleno, CTO of Solstice’s Cloud Practice, to discuss his journey to Citi and his goal to modernize and transform a business that moves $4 trillion dollars a day, $1.5 quadrillion dollars a year. They discussed how Ahu’s teams are modernizing legacy applications, embracing agile methodology, and mapping persona-driven digital experiences to domain-driven microservices architecture. Ahu also expressed the importance of attracting the world’s preeminent software engineering talent by maintaining an exciting, engaging and motivating place to work.

“It’s about the steps in the evolution, not just the end state,” said Ahu.

Interested in learning more? Watch their talk below.