Solstice Community Referral Program

Solstice is excited to introduce our Community Referral Program. Some of our best hires come through our internal referral program, and we want to open it up and offer a bonus to anyone who refers an external candidate who is hired for an open position.

The program

  • $1,000 (gross of taxes) for any open engineer or developer role
  • $500 (gross of taxes) for any other open role

How to refer a candidate

  1.  Fill out the short form with your information and the candidate’s information
  2.  After you complete the referral form, the referral candidate should apply at
  3.  If we hire your referred candidate and they complete 90 days of service, we’ll reach out to you to fill out a W9
  4.  Solstice will mail you a check for your designated finder’s fee within 30 days of receiving your W9

Terms for the bonus payment

  • No self-referrals
  • Referred candidate(s) must acknowledge you referred them
  • You must be an individual (not a business entity), over 18 years old, and a US citizen or permanent resident to submit a referral
  • Please do not submit a referral if you are a staffing agency or affiliated with one
  • Referred candidate(s) must be submitted and hired for a current open position excluding internship positions
  • The referral must be submitted prior to the candidate applying for an open position
  • Referred candidate(s) must complete 90 days of employment and be in good standing at the time of payment
  • You must submit a completed W9
  • The offer expires one year after referral is submitted
  • Solstice can terminate the program at any time
  • Solstice is not responsible for tax liability

Have someone in mind? Fill out this form and then have them apply!