Listen! Decision Agriculture: Using the Right Data at the Right Time to Make the Right Decisions

The pace innovation continues to accelerate, making it harder to keep up with today’s new breed of digital-savvy competitors. That’s why we launched Seeking Surfboards, a bi-weekly podcast series designed to help executives learn exactly how they can ride the wave of change in the digital age.

In this episode of Seeking Surfboards, host Scott Hermes, director of solution delivery at Solstice, talks with Anthony Lackore, Global Field Excellence Lead for Digital at Corteva about the expanding role of digital technology in agricultural production and how new digital tools are helping farmers improve yields, manage risks, and optimize outcomes. 

Episode Sneak Peek

As the world becomes even more digitally connected, companies across industry sectors are taking advantage of digital innovations to improve operations and maximize returns, and agriculture is no exception. New digital tools are playing an increasingly vital role, helping farmers use more precise amounts of water, optimize seed planting patterns and improve yield and quality.

In this installment, Lackore provides an inside look at the latest innovations, from automated farm equipment to a wide array of IoT devices that measure soil moisture and drones that keep track of crops. With deeper insights on trends and weather patterns, farmers can make faster, more accurate decisions — and get real-time feedback on the impact of their actions.

Each new technology brings something valuable to farming — from management and processing to guidance and direction. Digital agriculture brings critical advantages for farmers and wider social benefits around the world, allowing organizations to share information across traditional boundaries and open new, disruptive opportunities.


The future of agriculture depends on its digital transformation. Download the full podcast episode to learn how deep expertise in advanced analytics and data science could be precisely what your business needs to gain a critical competitive edge.

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