Defining Solstice Impact: Becoming a Social and Environmentally Focused Company

Solstice Impact is an initiative created in 2019 with the purpose to make a difference, not only in our clients lives, but in our community. We are striving to become a company that embodies the Triple Bottom Line framing our efforts around — People, Profit, and Planet. 

As our first steps, the Solstice Impact team defined our DEI and CSR values which will help guide and motivate our future actions.

DEI: Sincerity, Growth, Community,  Inclusion, and Action

CSR: Community, Workplace, Global Stewardship

These guiding values will allow us to continue to drive impact through our internal initiatives and commit to focus on the Triple Bottom Line framework.This framework enables our commitment towards positive social and environmental practices becoming engrained in the way we do business.

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Solstice Impact Mission

Our purpose is to help Solstice build a more diverse and inclusive culture. For us, this means being open and transparent with our employees regarding our efforts to increase and maintain diversity, as well as sharing our future goals and how we plan to achieve them.

Solstice Impact is also working on increasing our Corporate Social Responsibility achievements, our objective is to give back to our local communities, encourage careers in tech, inspire our clients, and become a more sustainable workplace.

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The best is yet to come

We are excited that Solstice Impact is no longer just a one year initiative! We as a firm are committed to continuing to live out our statements & values by focusing on the triple bottom line. Our team is defining opportunities, which include events, volunteering and education, to keep on sharing our beliefs and prove what humanity is capable of.