Experience API’s: The linchpin of any great digital experiences

Mike Koleno


As the digital evolution continues to grow, enterprises own and control less and less of the solutions they build. From the channels that they’re targeting (ex. mobile app stores) to the experiences that certain platforms dictate (ex. Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger, etc.) - the enterprise is regularly working to conform their solutions to the rules and guidelines that are being set by such governing bodies.  


While enterprises spend a lot of time and money determining how to build frontend user experiences within these channel and experience constraints, a significantly smaller amount of time is typically spent thinking about how these constraints impact the backend layers of the overall solution. Today’s best digital experiences are in fact built with a holistic focus; executed with the surgical precision across the stack that’s needed in order to exceed customer expectations. This approach requires careful planning at each layer of the stack taking execution and data transmission into account each step of the way. Regardless of the channel or the digital experience that enterprises are constructing, purpose-driven API services have quickly become the linchpin required when building great digital experiences.  We call these channel or platform driven API’s - “experience API’s”.  

The objective of experience API’s is to marry frontend experiences with tailored backend API endpoints that dramatically optimize the solution. These experience API’s are built with a laser-like focus for a specific desired user experience. We’ve found that the presence or absence of these finely grained and optimized experience API’s ultimately have a direct hand in determining the success or failure of new digital experiences.


At Solstice, we know that experience API endpoints provide the necessary bridge between your digital experiences and the enterprise systems and API’s that sit behind the corporate firewall. We call this architectural layer the Digital Experience API Layer and we believe it’s the single most important component for enterprise digital experiences to have. These endpoints enable a spectrum of engaging user experiences that collectively represent a world class customer digital product. And while enterprise API designs vary widely from traditional SOA based services to more modern finely grained microservices, every enterprise API requires a close examination. Architects need to ask themselves, “how does the experience that I am trying to build map to what this endpoint provides?” Architects need to know that digital API’s are at their best when purpose-built for the business relationship they serve.  

If you or your enterprise would like to understand how experience API’s could further optimize your frontend digital experiences, please feel free to reach out to me.  I love talking on this topic and we at Solstice have a bunch of experience in this specific domain.