Listen: Find Your Dynamic Horizon and Defy Organizational Boundaries With Agile Strategy

The pace of innovation continues to accelerate, making it harder to keep up with today’s new breed of digital-savvy competitors. That’s why we launched Seeking Surfboards, a bi-weekly podcast series designed to help executives learn exactly how they can ride the wave of change in the digital age.

In this episode of Seeking Surfboards, host Scott Hermes, director of solution delivery at Solstice, talks with Ralph Fernando, Senior Managing Director Strategy, Digital and Operations at Pragma Consulting about how large, established companies can gain maximize return from their corporate strategy efforts and transform their business performance through greater organizational agility.

Episode Sneak Peek

In today’s climate of constant change and increasingly dynamic markets, many companies struggle with strategy execution. Creating a coherent and persuasive strategy is part art and part science. It is demanding, difficult and vitally important. But without effective implementation, it’s useless.

In this installment, Fernando sheds light on how companies can make the most of their strategic initiatives through a concept called Agile Strategy. Traditional strategy approaches are no longer applicable today. Instead, he advises a modern, agile management approach that operates at a faster rhythm and cadence. It shifts from a static set of objectives to a more dynamic horizon where actions and decisions are not determined by a five-year plan or annual calendar but instead are driven through flexible, practical responses to opportunities as they arise.

Sustainable growth depends on delivering the right strategies in the right way. Yet this is an area where many organizations fall short. That’s where an agile business strategy can deliver exceptional value — helping organizations transform their culture and make organizational agility a commercial reality.

Listen in as Fernando offers guidance on fostering an agile culture and discusses the changes necessary for successful implementation.

Download the full podcast episode to learn how an agile, results-focused approach to business strategy could be precisely what your business needs to gain a critical competitive edge.

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