Google Glass: The Zack Morris Phone of Today?


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Saved By the Bell quickly became a staple of the late 80’s and early 90’s for it’s hip teenagers and colorful fashion. At least my generation could never forget watching the exploits of Mr. Belding and the students at Bayside High School. Most importantly however, Saved By the Bell introduced us to the ever-famous Zack Morris phone.

The 'brick' phone that Mark Paul Gosselaar would carry around on the show is the same phone that received mixed stares of fascination and bewilderment over why anyone would carry around something so ridiculous... but yet, it was so awesome at the same time.

Zack Morris (Mark Paul Gosselaar) seen with the Brick phone above in 1990.
When first released in 1984, the 'brick' weighed two pounds, offered
30 minutes of talk time for each charge, and sold for $3,995.
Fast Forward to Google Glass - Google's latest research and development project; a device that allows a user to look through a pair of 'glasses' and continue the conversations with those around them, be able to participate in the moments happening in front of them - all the while simultaneously being able to check the weather, take a photo, or read and send text messages (among other things). Google glass, controlled by voice commands, can even translate languages for you if you ask it to - 'Ok, glass, say [wow, we've certainly come a long way since the brick phone] in [Spanish]'.
But here's the question, will people actually wear them?
If you look at technology adoption trends from the past, Google Glass may be sitting on your own nose and ears sooner than you think - it may even be released before the end of 2013. But it has to start somewhere and with someone. Will you be the next Zack Morris walking down the street, getting stared down by strangers who happen to notice that you're wearing those 'new glasses'?
You luckily shouldn't have to worry about a hefty price tag like the brick phone seen above; originally sold for $3,995. In this amazingly informative video about Glass, Steve Lee - Google Glass Product Director, states that they don't want glass to be a 'niche thing' - they want millions of people to be able to take advantage of the functionality. But even if affordable, will you be one of the first to line up? Can you see yourself living your everyday life with these on?
Google Glass is absolutely an awesome advancement in technology, however these devices will most definitely receive the same stares of bewilderment and fascination as the brick phone once did decades ago. Will we as a society grasp the idea of Google Glass? Will it one day be 'normal' to see everyone behind Glass? Will YOU wear Glass? Please share your thoughts.