Listen: Fast, Predictable and Developer Friendly: How FleXP Combines the Best of Scrum and XP

The pace of innovation continues to accelerate, making it harder to keep up with today’s new breed of digital-savvy competitors. That’s why we launched Seeking Surfboards, a bi-weekly podcast series designed to help executives learn exactly how they can ride the wave of change in the digital age.

In this episode of Seeking Surfboards, host Scott Hermes, Director of Solution Delivery at Solstice, talks with Mike Koleno, CTO, Cloud Practice and Gretchen Goodrich, Director of Functional Delivery, about the rise of new software development methodologies under the Agile umbrella and why Extreme Programming (XP) and other methods are playing an increasingly prominent role in today’s highly fluid development environments.

Episode Sneak Peek

Software is integral to the modern society. From individuals to large enterprises, all rely heavily on technology backed by sound software applications and services for all manner of tasks. Due to this growing demand and existing gaps in the market, application development remains a rapidly evolving industry.

In this installment, Koleno and Goodrich take an inside look at recent advances in Agile development and discuss the capabilities of XP and Scrum and how recent IT modernization trends have helped propel the popularity of these frameworks. The Agile philosophy offers distinct advantages over traditional linear methods such as Waterfall, including greater speed, higher quality and increased flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

While creating solutions quickly and efficiently is important, development also needs to be value-focused, which requires a framework that supports and enables innovation. That’s where FleXP comes into play, offering the best of XP and Scrum joined together in a unified framework.

Listen in as Koleno and Goodrich explain why it’s vital for development teams follow a well-defined methodology that strikes the optimum balance between speed, simplicity and responsiveness to customer needs.

Download the full podcast episode to learn how an agile, results-focused approach to application development could be precisely what your business needs to gain a critical competitive edge.

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