iOS 8 Health - An Overview and Perspective

HealthJoe is a guest blogger for Solstice from MiGym, Sosltice's sister company focused on mobile health and wellness.

I’ve been waiting eagerly for the release of the “Healthbook” app, and it was finally announced at WWDC earlier today. The app itself is actually going to be called “Health”.  I actually much preferred the icons that were floating around prior to the announcement (what’s with Apple and the blah icon designs since iOS7?):

Original leaked Healthbook icon (I like it!)

Health app icon (snore)

The app itself is very impressive.  See the gallery below for screenshots of the app:


All in all, I had high expectations for this feature and still came away impressed. Apple, in its typical style, delivered a well-polished product that blows away prior implementations. A few thoughts:

  • So many bloggers and pundits keep harping on the fitness aspects, and what it means for Fitbit, the iWatch, Nike, et al.  But the focus is pretty clearly on health as well as wellness (if not health over wellness), and providing a consolidated view of health is where this thing shines.  In fact, I think Apple might just have become the must-have gadget for Baby Boomers who really need a consolidated view of health (blood pressure, sugar, daily activities, etc).  There are so many medical device manufacturers who should not or cannot invest in software for their connected device, and Apple really offers the best platform for these devices to integrate to.
  • I wonder how many fitness aggregators will open themselves up to this platform.  My Fitness Pal is one of the leading food trackers.  Right now, they require other companies to sign an agreement with them to access their API, with its food database and other entries.  If My Fitness Pal feeds this data into the Health app, any other app can grab the data from there without needing to sign anything with My Fitness Pal.  They would be giving up a lot of control to Apple by allowing Health access to their data.  Same goes for other heavyweights like Runkeeper, Fitbit, etc.
  • After seeing this app, I’m excited to see what the iWatch is going to offer!

This blog was quoted in Mashable's Why Apple Developers Like What They're Seeing at WWDC.