Introducing: The Women of Solstice FWD

Sarah Berger


As a woman in tech, I’m all about following, admiring, and learning from female founders, journalists, executives, and engineers shaking up the world’s most powerful industry.

So when I began envisioning Solstice FWD 2018I ran through a mental rolodex of women that could  — or rather, should — take this year’s stage. These are women who I believe not only have unique personal journeys but also unique insights into business, technology, and humanity.

From a journalist who put Mark Zuckerberg on the spot to a polio survivor who became an Ironman World Champion and a former trader who found an ethical use for the blockchain, I couldn’t be more excited to announce the fearless females who will headline our third annual Solstice FWD in Chicago June 21.

Meet the women of Solstice FWD:

Laurie Segall, CNN’s Senior Tech Correspondent and host of CNNgo’s “Mostly Human,” who has interviewed some of the biggest names in tech, like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.  


Reena Jana, head of global product inclusion and the woman responsible for developing Google's narrative on bridging the digital divide. 

Minda Dentler, a TED speaker and accomplished triathlete, who became the first female wheelchair athlete to ever complete the Ironman World Championship.

Ninveh Neuman, VP of Global Marketing & Digital Business Transformation, who is changing the conversation around automation at Rockwell.

Rachel Cook, a former futures and equities trader who found an altruistic way to leverage the blockchain for her company, Seeds. 


Jen Wachtel, SVP of Digital Marketing at Gallagher, who is responsible for driving growth and customer engagement in a historically dull industry.

Marie Lynch, President & CEO of Skills for Chicagoland’s Future, a nonprofit that helps unemployed and underemployed Chicagoans find employment.

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Because after all … Who run the world? GIRLS.