Listen: Join the #Breakthrough at FWD19

The pace of innovation continues to accelerate, making it harder to keep up with today’s new breed of digital-savvy competitors. That’s why we launched Seeking Surfboards, a bi-weekly podcast series designed to help executives learn exactly how they can ride the wave of change in the digital age.

In this episode of Seeking Surfboards, host Scott Hermes, Director of Solution Delivery at Solstice, talks with Sarah Berger, Sr. Marketing Manager, and Chris Weiland, CTO and Director of Solstice Labs, about what attendees can expect to experience and learn at Solstice FWD 2019, the premier summit for executives and digital leaders. Themed “Breakthrough,” FWD 2019 will feature an impressive lineup of industry experts and digital innovators sharing the latest perspectives on digital disruption and emerging technologies. 

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Episode Sneak Peek

Businesses today face unprecedented challenges. With lower technology barriers to entry, the potential for competition from new digital upstarts is greater than ever. At the same time, digital leaders must manage cultural changes and realign their workforce to the demands of today’s increasingly discerning customer.   

In this installment, Berger and Weiland provide an inside look at what attendees of FWD 2019 can expect to see and explore — from interactive, multi-sensory tech experiences to bold insights and compelling ideas from the best and brightest industry thought leaders. This year’s event looks at digital transformation and the innovations that have intrinsically changed how we experience the world, exploring the implications for productivity and the types of initiatives that will keep rapidly-changing companies competitive.

FWD 2019 speakers will share their inspirational breakthrough stories, along with the obstacles and opportunities that resulted.  Listen in as Berger and Weiland explain how the conference will explore the people, processes and problems that arise in the pursuit of greatness.

To attend FWD next Wednesday, October 16 in Chicago, register here. Use code 'Surfboards' for a complimentary ticket.