LISTEN: Seeking Surfboards with... Jared Johnson, Principal Digital Strategist at Solstice

As the rate of innovation increases every day, it’s harder than ever to keep your finger on the pulse of what matters in the world of digital business. That’s why we are excited to announce Seeking Surfboards, our new bi-weekly podcast series designed to help executives learn exactly how they can ride the wave of change in the digital age.

In our inaugural podcast, our host Scott Hermes, director of solution delivery at Solstice, caught up with our principal digital strategist Jared Johnson. Jared is a mobile development veteran that’s witnessed the evolution of mobile technology from simple, task-oriented apps to fully immersive mobile experiences.

We caught up with him to talk about why user empathy and research is the key to breakthrough mobile technology innovation.

Episode Sneak Peek

“In order to optimize incremental innovation, you need to be more risk-tolerant. You need to encourage your employees to experiment with new channels. You need to see what your customers care about and what they don’t care about. Once you’re willing to move out of your comfort zone, that’s when you’re able to do things that are groundbreaking.”

Just a decade ago, there was only so much you could do in a mobile environment. Features were limited, functionality was restricted, and the problems businesses solved for their clients through mobile means were more straightforward than they are today. Consequently, ideation often began not with what customers wanted from their mobile experiences, but what competitors were already doing.

Fast forward to 2019, and mobile technology is in the midst of a paradigm shift. What customers want and need from their mobile experiences are more complex, and the solutions that set brands apart are more sophisticated than ever.

Businesses can no longer differentiate by simply offering more features and functionality than their competitors. Modern consumers expect brands to anticipate their needs — and deliver value around those needs — in ways that feel as good as they function.

In this episode, Jared and Scott explore how this paradigm shift is already impacting the enterprise in a big way. From striking the perfect balance between quantitative and qualitative research to the art of unpacking usage analytics in innovative new ways, the formula for mobile success is changing fast.

The new mobile mandate is this: look to your users, not your competitors, to inspire you.

Download the full podcast episode to learn how ruthless simplification and robust user research is already leveling up your competitors’ mobile strategies — and how it can do the same for yours.

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