Listen: Building Company Culture Via The Blockchain

The pace innovation continues to accelerate, making it harder to keep up with today’s new breed of digital-savvy competitors. That’s why we launched Seeking Surfboards, a bi-weekly podcast series designed to help executives learn exactly how they can ride the wave of change in the digital age.

In this episode of Seeking Surfboards, host Scott Hermes, Director of Solution Delivery at Solstice, talks with Omar Shanti, Technical Consultant, Matt Rajewski, Product Consultant, and Tyler Dantuma, UX Design Consultant about the logistics, challenges and inter-workings of launching an in-house blockchain-based employee recognition program. 

Episode Sneak Peek

Most companies offer some type of employee reward system, but many struggle to implement them successfully due to tracking, updating and management difficulties. That was one of the core problems the in-house team at Solstice sought to address when it launched an initiative to replace its paper-based employee recognition program with a blockchain-based version called Solstice Coin.

One major challenge for the Solstice team was figuring out a way to leverage blockchain’s smart contract capabilities to help make employee incentives and rewards more meaningful while reducing the administrative burden. 

According to Omar: “It was important for us to be able to establish our own ability to navigate new technologies like blockchain and apply it internally to drive cultural value in the same way we drive business value for our clients. The effort required a disciplined approach to how we self-organized, mapped out our milestones and adapted our delivery methodology to an unallocated after-hours team.”    

In this installment, key members of the Solstice team walk us through the project journey—from concept to delivery. They discuss the flexible project management approach that empowered cross-functional participation, allowed team members to adapt to the time demands of the project, and contributed to smart technical decisions along the way.  


Download the full podcast episode to learn how an empowered team combined with cutting-edge technology could be just the transformation shift you need to gain an important performance advantage. 

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