The Mobile Pulse: Contextual Computing in the Enterprise, UX Designers Need To Think Like Architects

Sarah Berger


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Enterprise Mobility 2.0: Enterprise Contextual Computing
Apps such as Google Now, Waze and Easily Do are push-enabling common daily activities, but what about at work? J Schwan discusses the next step in enterprise mobility, harnessing sensor-connected ecosystems to further drive user engagement.

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Solstice Founder and CEO, J Schwan, will discuss how innovative cultural principles, creative workspaces, Lean Startup tactics, Agile Methods and Continuous Delivery can combine to allow digital disruption to be seized and not feared.

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Industry News

As WhatsApp Hits 500 Million Users, CEO Jan Koum Preaches Focus
While waiting to hear if the mobile messaging app maker will clear its' $19 billion deal with Facebook, WhatsApp discusses what's next. 
Nod Aims to be One Bluetooth Ring to Rule All Your Devices
A Bluetooth tech-ring has hit the market that might actually prove to be extremely practical. 
Why UX Designers Need to Think Like Architects
Design principles have begun to evolve, creating new thought-processes amongst desingers that look to balance design aesthetics with usability.
The Biggest Railroad Investment in a Century
The railroad is getting a facelift, unleashing a technology upgrade so costly and large, that it rivals the initial investment in the railroad over a century ago. 
Buyer Knows Best: Retailers, Millennials, and Omni-Channel Shopping
Today consumers, especially millennials, have growing expectations about their shopping experience, regardless of the how and where they buy. 
Google Now Can Remember Where You Parked
Forgot where you parked? No problem, Google Now is going to be able to remember that for you using your phone's sensors.   
Can Facebook Really Get the Whole World Online?
Though Facebook has 1 billion active users, the social giant recognizes progress that needs to be made in emerging markets.

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