Solstice Becomes a Premier Google Cloud Partner

We are proud to announce that Solstice is now a Google Cloud Premier Partner. This designation recognizes Solstice for the delivery of effective solutions and demonstrating a high level of competency and performance on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

"We are thrilled that we are now a Google Cloud Premier Partner," said Mike Koleno, CTO of Solstice's Cloud practice. "We see many of our clients using or exploring GCP and believe this new designation will allow us to support them even more."

Solstice helps enterprises accelerate their journey with Google Cloud by decomposing monolithic, legacy applications and modernizing them into microservice-based architectures. Solstice also creates new, elegant digital customer experiences. In a recent project, Solstice worked with a large company to revamp their flagship B2B e-commerce application's backend and user experience. By building it on top of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the company was able to increase innovation and quickly deliver new features to the market.