Solstice Appoints New Technology Leadership

Dan Ptak,


Today we announced the promotions of Mike Koleno to vice president of technology and Henry Oyuela to vice president of engineering.

For Koleno, the promotion comes as Solstice continues to push the bounds of what’s possible when it comes to designing, developing, and delivering full-stack digital experiences. This is especially true of Solstice’s cloud-native practice, which under Koleno’s direction, has become a go-to partner for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Pivotal.

Based on this demand, Solstice now expects to double its hiring expectations for 2018.

“Helping our clients create complex, end-to-end experiences in a cloud-native fashion is one of the most important things we do,” said Kelly Manthey, CEO of Solstice. “And with engineering talent at a premium, we absolutely feel the sense of urgency from our clients.”

For Oyuela, this announcement comes on the heels of the successful launch of CXDD™ (Customer Experience-Driven Development) 2.0, the latest iteration of Solstice’s core delivery methodology. The release sets a new standard for projects requiring modern DevOps practices, pair programming, and extreme programming all along-side human centered design best practices.

“Henry has been a critical leader in the process of helping our clients tackle the most challenging areas of modern software engineering,” said Manthey. “As digital innovation has become more complex, Henry and team have brilliantly created, tested, and hardened effective approaches that enable our clients to achieve better outcomes more quickly and on a global scale.”

Faced with a fast-moving and ever-changing technology landscape, Koleno and Oyuela have led the effort at Solstice to develop ongoing training curriculums and recruiting programs that help Solstice stay ahead of the curve.

With the aim of creating not just the best software, but the best customer experience possible, these programs have focused on both the mastery of the latest technical expertise as well as acquiring and honing softer skills such as end user empathy.

Prior to Solstice, Koleno spent 10 years at JPMorgan Chase in various groups and lines of business, including treasure services, commercial bank, card services, and corporate technology. He also worked in several application development and architect roles, including more than four years as an enterprise architect. Oyuela worked at Motorola for eight years, building and delivering system releases for enterprise and government telecom digital solutions and leading distributed teams across the globe. Koleno and Oyuela joined Solstice five years ago as directors of solution delivery.