Solstice | Kin + Carta Launches Two New Augmented Intelligence Capabilities

Dan Ptak,


Today, Solstice | Kin + Carta announces the launch of two new capabilities within its augmented intelligence practice. Intelligent customer experiences (ICX) and decision intelligence.


Within the intelligent customer experience (ICX) capability, Solstice is designing and building the next evolution of remarkable experiences. Specifically, we're pushing the bounds of what's possible with natural language technologies (chatbots, robotics and voice experience), data science, machine learning, edge computing and computer visioning by reimagining existing experiences and building new digital products across all channels.

“The age of intelligence is here. It’s widely agreed that companies building intelligent outcomes will outpace their competitors, yet we know the vast majority of our clients are still in the process of translating this technological potential into tangible ROI,” said Ryan Maguire, vice president of capabilities at Solstice. “Ultimately, we believe in augmented intelligence, not artificial intelligence. This era isn’t about automating the human condition, but about enhancing its endless potential.”

While intelligent customer experiences will focus on improving outcomes for end users, decision intelligence is a new capability designed to help executives make better, faster, and in the case of automation, fewer decisions. With the backing of a connective team of over 40 data and data science experts from across Kin+Carta, Solstice is now able to combine its deep expertise in human-centered design with unrivaled experience in advanced analytics and robust data platforms.

“Today, we’re awash in data — too much, in fact — and yet it’s still too hard to make sense of it and to effectively translate data into insights,” said Karl Hampson, director of augmented and decision intelligence at Solstice. “We’re focused on the experience of what it’s like to have the right data in an easy-to-understand format at a critical moment of truth. This is where design thinking meets data platforms.”

Decision intelligence will be dedicated to advancing four specific domains at launch: predictive behavioral modeling, next-gen search, real-time analytics, and intelligent robotic process automation (IRPA).

These new capabilities will fall under Solstice | Kin + Carta’s augmented intelligence practice, which launched in January 2018. Solstice’s history with augmented intelligence traces its roots back to 2014, when Solstice Labs — dedicated to rapidly advancing the commercial viability of these and other emerging technologies — was born.

Solstice is partnering with Google, Amazon, Elastic,, Pivotal and more to help the firm deliver against these promises. We have also been working closely with various organizations throughout the Kin + Carta Connective to achieve this milestone.

To learn more about the practice, visit To read more about why better decision making will be critical in the years ahead, read the 2019 Solstice | Kin + Carta Trends Report.