Solstice Retires Brand, Realigns as Kin + Carta

In twenty “short” years we have experienced the launch of the smartphone, the advent of cloud computing, Web 2.0, Industry 4.0, the rise of voice, the advancement of augmented intelligence, the commercialization of autonomous driving, the emergence of blockchain, smart homes, renewable energy, and so much more (seriously, has there been a better time to be alive?).

It's been exhilarating to have a front-row seat to these changes and to have helped our clients navigate each and every one of these waves. In many cases, we have helped advance the applications of these technologies through Solstice Labs.  

We’ve outgrown three offices in Chicago and one in Buenos Aires, rebranded from Solstice Consulting to Solstice Mobile to Solstice and, this past year, to Solstice | Kin + Carta, all with the singular goal of adding more value for our clients, for our people, and for humanity.

Today, I’m excited to announce that after two years of successfully delivering cross-connective projects with our sister organizations, we’re retiring the Solstice brand. Moving forward, as a full-service digital consultancy, we’ll catch the next wave as Kin + Carta.

Combining Thinking + Doing

This change is part of a global restructuring effort driven by Kin + Carta’s mission to help the world work better. Globally, Kin + Carta’s services will bring 1,600 specialists together across three pillars:

  • Kin + Carta Advise provides digitally native management consulting services
  • Kin + Carta Create develops new digital products, services, and cloud-native platforms
  • Kin + Carta Connect delivers data-driven connected customer experiences

Emerging technologies, changing market conditions, and constraints of legacy systems have created an urgent need for businesses to adapt at speed. With the innovative operating model we affectionately call The Connective, we’ve done the hard work on the back end to link three unique types of consulting that our clients have typically been forced to stitch together themselves. We’ve connected the strategic thinking of management consulting with the real-world doing of digital product engineering and digital marketing.

(ConnectLive is a Kin + Carta Labs project that shows a day in the life of The Connective. Everyday, over 1,600 specialists collaborate in realtime across the globe. This slice of activity was taken over 36 hours.]

Celebrating Specialisms

At the same time, with our roots in specialist cultures, we’ve diligently worked to not dilute the essence of what’s made us successful to date. Each of these three pillars will relentlessly focus on becoming the best in the world at their unique crafts:

  • Advise: Value Creation, Digital Maturity, and Change Management
  • Create: Digital Product Development, Digital Service Design, and Cloud Modernization
  • Connect: Customer Data Activation, MarTech Platform Engineering, and Customer Experience Management

You can read more about each at 

Accelerating our Growth

In August of 2018, we welcomed the then-mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, and the head of World Business Chicago, Andrea Zopp, to our office to cut the ribbon on our new 60,000+ square foot office. At the time, we pledged to create another 150 jobs in Chicago by 2020, and I’m excited to announce we created more than 200 during that time. With the formal addition of Advise and Create to the Chicago office, we’re committing to creating 400 jobs over the next four years in Chicago as well as continuing our growth in Buenos Aires, which just surpassed 100 employees, and in the UK and Europe.

Kin + Carta will continue to be led by CEO J Schwan, with Charlie Wrench as chief connective officer and Chris Kutsor as chief financial officer. And I, as Solstice CEO, will now take on the role of group chief executive for Kin + Carta Americas.

Progress = Change

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad to see the Solstice name retired. I joined the company as employee number one over a decade ago and have been riding shotgun on every one of those advances and changes I mentioned.

But with each new wave of progress, we’ve been able to make a greater impact on a growing number of lives, and this next change will be no different. 

From the first day that man walked the planet, true innovation has been the result of a handful of small breakthroughs—a series of incremental improvements that have led us to our current position. Progress is what makes transformation possible. Taking a thousand small steps in the same direction is what makes transformation happen.

We believe that all companies, including our own, need to have an unyielding desire to march toward progress. We believe the organizations that thrive are the courageous few that consistently embrace a culture of sustainable progress.

We’re not going to pretend we’re in the business of changing the world because we’re not. But we are here to make it work better. That’s a promise that every member of our worldwide collective will deliver on every day going forward.


To learn more about our next evolution, read the full press release here.