The Next Evolution of Solstice

At Solstice, there's one thing we believe in above all else: Digital is never slowing down, and those at the forefront of innovation must capitalize on the waves of change that exist around us. As we move forward, it is this singular notion that drives us.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the next evolution of Solstice.

You’ll notice Kin + Carta is now formally part of our identity. The logo is just the tip of the iceberg — the profound substance behind this evolution is what truly excites me.


The Evolution of St Ives to Kin + Carta

Almost four years ago, we joined St Ives, a company of like-minded, wildly talented, and, most importantly, complementary digital services firms. Joining a global firm was an opportunity for us to extend our reach and tap into over a thousand specialists across digital innovation, data science, commerce, and marketing, to name a few.

Throughout these past four years, we’ve leveraged the group as opportunities arose, but we have been continually aware of and have always appreciated the untapped potential of this bond.

This past year, all of that has changed. In July, Solstice founder and CEO, J Schwan, was named CEO of St Ives and in October, the group relaunched as Kin + Carta. For the past year, we’ve been focused on the question of how to best organize the diverse and specialized talent of the group while not losing what’s made each company successful in its own right. 

We believe the most forward-thinking individuals want to work for specialist agencies that put culture first. Until now, they haven’t had access to the necessary breadth and depth to create increasingly large and sophisticated digital experiences on a global scale.

Introducing The Connective

We believe we've found the balance in what we’re calling The Connective.

The Connective is a new organizational approach that allows us to continue to focus on and thrive at the things we do best, while also allowing us to seamlessly and more purposefully work alongside our sister tribes when the opportunity calls for it.

Ultimately, Kin + Carta is global team-of-teams with three core pillars: strategy, innovation, and communication. Solstice sits squarely within the innovation pillar along with TAB; strategic consultancies include Pragma, Hive, and Incite; and digital communication agencies include Edit and AmazeRealise. 

Once we identify a transformation program, we mobilize a purpose-built team of Connective agents and specialists across the Kin + Carta ecosystem to own and drive both the client’s business outcomes and transformation goals. The individuals working on a project are unique to those outcomes, and project structures and methodologies are well-defined. This guarantees the right mix of autonomy and accountability. You can read more about The Connective here.

Kin + Carta Named a Leader by Forrester

We’ve spent the last six months validating this organizational design with our clients, and we are excited to announce that, just last month, Forrester awarded Kin + Carta highest marks amongst our peers.

After evaluating sixty-seven digital experience agencies and twelve midsize digital experience providers across twenty-one criteria, Forrester named Kin + Carta a Leader, which is the highest of four categories within the Forrester Wave™ listing. Kin + Carta scored the most points possible in experience design services, artificial intelligence services, authenticated experience services, emerging touchpoint services, digital experience technology services, program management services, client co-innovation strategy, active digital experience clients, and employee experience criteria.

We’re honored that our vision and our delivery of the Connective has received this outside validation.

Focus + Collaboration

Our end goal with Kin + Carta is simple: To enable our team at Solstice to focus and collaborate in a seamless manner as part of The Connective to offer our clients a fluid model that helps them build complete, end-to-end customer journeys, where each element reinforces the others.

We know from experience that the waves of change never stop coming. Once again, we’ve positioned not only ourselves but, more importantly, our clients to thrive.

I invite you to grab your surfboard and join us for this next wave. It’s sure to be epic.