The Solstice Siena Conversational Framework is Slack Enterprise Grid Ready

Dan Ptak


Slack moved further into the enterprise environment this week with the launch of their new product, the Slack Enterprise Grid.

The Slack Enterprise Grid couples all of Slack’s beloved features with the scale and security demanded by the largest organizations. Most notably, Slack provides a centralized security admin console to manage multiple workgroups and is now FINRA and HIPAA compliant.

Today, Solstice is excited to announce that our Siena Conversational Framework is now compatible with Slack Enterprise Grid. The Siena Framework is a first-of-its-kind conversational framework that allows brands to get into the Conversational UX game by creating richer, smarter conversations, faster. It universally powers any conversational endpoint such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Pepper the Robot and ensures the learnings from one conversation, i.e., Alexa, contribute to the fluency of all brand conversations, i.e., Slack and Pepper.

The Siena Framework was born out of Solstice Labs and was purpose-built for brands either creating their first conversational experience or those expecting to creating omnichannel conversational experiences over time.

As a firm, we’ve always held the belief that building a mobile app isn’t the same as having a mobile-first strategy. The same is now true for any single conversational endpoint. With this framework, Solstice is focused on helping clients create omni-channel conversational strategies, not just build chatbots or Alexa skills.

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