Transforming Industries with AI: A Conversation with Crain’s Chicago Business

Augmented Intelligence (AI) is already transforming entire industries from the inside out. From the rise of autonomous vehicles to intelligent manufacturing and AI-powered voice assistants, AI impacts virtually every industry in one way or another — but it’s not just businesses that are taking notice.

Consumers, too, have come to expect intuitive and seamless digital experiences from the brands they love — experiences that can often only be achieved through AI.

As consumer demand and the speed of innovation drives business leaders to invest in AI in bigger and more impactful ways, how can these business leaders optimize AI implementation in ways that will drive revenue as well as customer loyalty?

This is the question that CTO of Emerging Technologies and AI at Solstice, Ryan Maguire, set out to answer with Crain’s Chicago Business Journal alongside Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Sara DeCoste and CGN Global’s Ram Venkataraju, two business leaders at the forefront of AI implementation within the enterprise.


“The uses and applications of [AI] are as far-reaching as any others to come before them. To us, the question is not where we can apply this technology, but what organizations are willing to test, learn and experiment with these technologies to prove them out at scale. Some will wait on the sideline watching others fail and succeed, and some will dive in head first.”  –Ryan Maguire, CTO of Emerging Technologies and AI, Solstice


By sharing their experiences from the front lines of AI innovation, all three experts shed a light on how AI can enhance productivity; enable faster and more efficient decision-making; and uncover insights hidden deep within reservoirs of business data.

The question is no longer if AI will become a necessity in the world of digital business, it’s when — and how business leaders’ decisions today will impact success well into the future.

For the full roundtable discussion, access the transcribed Q&A on Crain's Chicago Business Journal. Then, discover how Solstice can help you unlock the transformative potential of AI within your business.