Unlocking the Power of the IoT for the world's largest brands


Putting the customer at the center of the connected experience


Human Centered Innovation

We use user research to build empathy and design experiences that surprise, delight and create both user and business value.


Navigating the IoT Ecosystem

The IoT landscape is crowded. We understand the maturing IoT technology environment and help our clients make the right decisions for the experiences they want to enable.


Driving Business Transformation

Through our agile and iterative approach, we’ve connected almost everything for our clients: tools to fire alarms; vending machines to tractors; and grocery stores to offices.


Harnessing Mobile Moments

Mobile is the face of IoT. Mobile makes IoT impactful. We design and build custom digital applications designed for easy adoption, intuitive use and even enjoyment.

 "A typical IoT project spends 70% of the time setting up the infrastructure to get started, leaving only 30% to focus on the customer experience.  We have flipped the equation." 

 Lewis Lancaster, Director of IoT, Solstice

Partners we're teaming up with


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Setting the Bar for Connected Experiences with Solstice Labs

We're always pushing emerging technologies to their limits. With Solstice Labs, we've combined what's new with what's never been done before to create first of their kind experiences that set the bar for whatever comes next. Learn more about our recent IoT experiences that emerged from the lab.

We spend most of our time in buildings, but rarely give a thought to the space around us. That's why we developed The Pulse, a real-time sensor-driven data fabric that can track multiple environmental variables across any space. Built end-to-end on top of Amazon Web Services IoT stack, The Pulse can be modified to track any measurable environmental parameter including heat, motion, and sound.

While ping pong has recently made its way into office space across the globe, the game itself hasn't changed much since its inception. Built on the AWS IoT platform, we set out to enhance a game that has been around for hundreds of years. Ping Pong+ combines voice, sound, digital displays, real-time motion tracking, and IoT devices to completely reimagine what it feels like to play ping pong.