pepper softbank solstice pepper softbank solstice

Your 4-foot-tall, autonomous, emotionally intelligent and customizable ticket to unchartered retail territory. In over 10,000 stores worldwide, SoftBank’s Pepper robot is proving that the stiff, lifeless and cumbersome robotics experiences are a thing of the past.

Pepper can recognize faces, interpret emotions, attract new customers, convert sales and answer questions, all with the charm to put a smile on your face.


Pepper is bringing that future into focus one store at a time. And thanks to our partnership with Softbank, Solstice is helping Pepper get an updated passport.

Pepper's coming to North America.

At Solstice, we believe Pepper’s extraordinary success to date comes down to one thing: An unparalleled user experience.

pepper softbank solstice
pepper softbank solstice

Put your brand at the forefront of revolutionary technology

Pepper’s life-like movements make customer interactions remarkably simple and intuitive. Pepper’s ability to detect mood allows it to empathize, react and adjust on the fly.

The result: Customers simply can’t resist. At nearly every deployment of Pepper in a retail environment, foot traffic increased dramatically, sales spiked and customers left raving about an experience they’ve never had before. Oh and the static kiosk currently taking up your digital mantle? On average Pepper will generate 20x the customer engagement.

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Evolving dealership customer service

We helped an automotive giant transform their dealership customer experience by creating engaging interactions with Pepper inside service waiting rooms. By conducting vehicle appraisals, displaying dynamic maintenance video content, and checking the status of vehicle service, Pepper is increasing customer engagement and improving customer loyalty.

Softbank Robotics & Solstice

We pride ourselves in building incredible customer experiences and we are excited to have found a like-minded partner in SoftBank Robotics. As a North American launch partner of Pepper, we’re the team you need to build compelling and delightful custom robotics experiences that ultimately drive big business results.
conversational ux playbook solstice
conversational ux playbook solstice

Getting Closer to Your Customers With Conversational UX

In the last year, we saw the hype machine around "Conversational UX" reach peak fervor. With the explosion of chatbots, virtual assistants, and robotics, like Pepper, we are seeing natural-language interactions become the norm in terms of how people expect to interact with technology in 2017. While pundits have been shouting that it’s the next big way in which companies will reach their customers, there are still many questions that remain unanswered:

  • What does conversational UX actually mean, and what is enabling its meteoric rise?
  • How should this impact an enterprise’s current digital strategy?
  • What platforms and technologies comprise the ecosystem?
  • What are things that executives, product managers, and UX designers, should know to achieve success?

In this Playbook, we’ll answer these questions and more; all to empower you to take the first steps towards building a comprehensive conversational UX strategy.

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Explore what Pepper can do for your in-store experience.

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