Modernization: Delivering Confidence at Speed

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If you’ve ever traveled on a bullet train, you’ve experienced the rush of moving seamlessly at over 200 MPH. What’s even more impressive is their ability to repeatedly arrive within inches of their door markers, delivering quality, precision, and speed every time. 

This is why the Global 2000 trust Solstice | Kin+Carta when it comes to cloud-native modernization. We get you there faster, with a greater degree of accuracy and we do it through a simple maxim:

See results at the speed you need to compete in the digital age.

Our clients partner with Solstice to build and refactor mission-critical applications using the best modern engineering practices that promote speed to market, enabling you to easily support the digital ambitions of your business. We achieve continuous deployment, implement efficiencies, and foster constant innovation through a culture built on values.


We Build It

From the development of new cloud-native applications and services to the refactoring of legacy architecture, highly skilled and trained teams of Solstice engineers leverage modern practices like CI/CD and TDD under our FleXP approach, while building on modern cloud platforms like Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, and public clouds including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.


We Run It

Solstice partners with clients to support effective cloud-native delivery from the ground up. Our DevOps teams are enlisted to stand up modern cloud platforms, support software-defined infrastructure, construct CI/CD pipelines and enable the team members they work with.


From 4 Deployments a Year to 10 Deployments a Day

By working with Solstice to build a new customer ordering application using Google Kubernetes Engine, Gordon Food Service is differentiating itself in the ultra-competitive wholesale food distribution market.

"Solstice brought a customer-driven development methodology that helped us build what our customers actually want, instead of what we thought they wanted. They had a proven process for that approach, along with experience working on Google Cloud Platform," said Tom Pearce, IT Manager, E-Commerce, Gordon Food Service.


The Mainframe Has Met Its Match

Cloud-Native Has Slayed the Mighty Giant

Because mainframe systems have been in place for so long in many organizations, the evolution of apps and subsystems that have grown up around these applications are substantial and incredibly complex. Solstice works with enterprises to unwind this complexity and eliminate both visible and invisible business risks. With an eye toward building new modern digital interfaces and implementing faster delivery iterations, Solstice helps enterprises break ground on their mainframe application rewrite efforts. 

Our team of developers and technology experts deliver modernized mission critical applications and enable your engineering workforce for a dual-pronged outcome: We enable you to own your innovation and retool your workforce at the same time.


From Batch to Real-Time

Stop making decisions with data in the rearview.

Would you ever cross the street with only the information from a traffic report completed 5 minutes earlier? Modernized systems enable you to drive better and faster decision making and insert efficiency by providing data in real time. Modernized cloud-native architectures seamlessly provide data ‘just in time’ to help you make critical and confident real-time decisions.


Introducing FleXP: Speed-to-Release + Predictability

The Agile road to success doesn’t mean you need to choose between XP or Scrum. Your success will come from putting a focus on modern engineering practices, development teams, and your desired outcomes. 

FleXP is a new balanced and blended approach from Solstice that combines the technical excellence and speed-to-release of XP with the planning and predictability of Scrum.

Our Modernization Partners:

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Want to talk modernization?

We have the breadth and depth of enterprise-grade, cloud-native development experience. From app refactoring to cloud-native digital experiences, we’ll help you reach the mecca of continuous deployment, eliminate inefficiencies and foster constant innovation. Send a note to Mike Koleno, CTO of Solstice’s modernization practice.