Yes, we’re in the early days of AI. And yes, it’s easy to scoff at Alexa or Siri today. But truth be told, scaling quality is remarkably hard — for man or machine.
Not every customer service call goes exactly as scripted. Not every delivery arrives exactly as scheduled. But that certainly doesn’t stop us from chasing perfection.
And that’s exactly what makes AI so incredibly exciting.
More than any other technologies that have preceded it, AI is enabling us to put our best brands, best organizations and best selves forward.


Solstice helped enterprises successfully navigate the earliest days of web and mobile and seized opportunities created by the latest generations of connected, conversational, and cloud-native experiences. Today we’re helping drive enterprise innovation forward in the era of Augmented Intelligence.

While AI-driven experiences have lived in Solstice Labs for the last several years, current cognitive technologies have reached a point of scaled viability, and in turn, are producing some truly remarkable outcomes.

The daunting challenges faced by the enterprise today are not always meaningfully different than those of yesterday. The real difference is in the tools we now have at our disposal.


The Intelligent Experience Today. The Intelligent Journey Tomorrow.

At Solstice, we believe every customer, prospect, client, and employee interaction can be reimagined with Augmented Intelligence in mind. Every engagement can double down on a brand promise and every touchpoint can develop a deeper human connection.

We’re focused on helping firms develop smarter experiences that can act and react to our collective wants and needs, most specifically in three areas: Intelligent Experiences, Cognitive Decisioning and Reasoning, and Intelligent Automation


Intelligent Experiences

We’re focusing on next-generation conversational experiences powered by our Siena framework, service robotics through our partnership with Softbank Robotics, intelligent search, computer visioning, and more.


Cognitive Decisioning & Reasoning

Having the right information at the right time has never been more critical. Solstice delivers more predictive insights to inform decision making through advanced analytics, machine learning, and conversational technologies.


Intelligent Automation

The next major wave of CX breakthroughs will be powered by the digitization and automation of front and back offices alike. Intelligent operations free employees up for higher value activities and introduce new customer-facing possibilities.

AI Takes a Village


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Driving Digital Transformation Through AI

As part of a larger digital transformation campaign, one of our largest B2B clients is working with Solstice to replace multiple instances of legacy keyword search technology with a single advanced cognitive search platform. Solstice’s AI search experts are creating a single and extensible intelligent platform approach, catering to all existing search apps and agnostic to content sources and types. This allows our client to rapidly progress from low search maturity to leader in their sector, dramatically improving overall customer experience.

Awakening the Senses for a More Intuitive Experience

From making-a-payment via voice to finding a product via visual search, Solstice is working with clients across virtually every industry to advance their capabilities in Natural Language Processing and Computer Visioning. Together, these two areas of sensory AI enable new strategies to become a reality and personal experience to become the norm.


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