From smarter ride-sharing apps to more predictive lead scoring, our everyday experiences are quickly becoming more insightful, personal, and proactive.

And when this technology is able to develop a more human connection or even anticipate our needs without our asking, we experience a “cognitive moment.”

When we are served unhelpful content, asked to complete a tedious task, or spend needless time searching, our desire for more cognitive moments will lead us in search of new experiences.

As part of our augmented intelligence capability, Solstice is rapidly pushing the bounds of what’s possible with natural language technologies (chatbots, robotics, and voice experience), data science, machine learning, edge computing, and computer visioning by reimagining existing experiences for clients and building new digital products across all channels.

We uniquely combine human-centered design, lead product strategy, the latest in emerging technologies and modern software engineering to create the future of B2H (business to human) moments.

Because one thing is for certain: this technology is only as impactful as the imagination behind it.


Just like the early days of the web and of mobile, cognitive moments will raise the bar and reset expectations.


Start with Impact and Outcomes, Not Technology

Solstice is actively helping clients across industries not to develop an augmented intelligence strategy but to develop strategies to apply augmented intelligence technologies to mission-critical areas of their businesses.

We focus with our clients on opportunities that will have the greatest impact in the customer journey, either by eliminating pain and friction or by delivering on the art of what's possible. 


The Next Wave of Intelligent Experiences

Three years ago, Solstice was one of the first firms in the world to formally launch a conversational UX practice, rethinking the end-to-end process of creating a digital experience.

Today, our intelligent customer experience capability spans three primary domains — conversational user experiences, augmented intelligence mash-ups and edge + machine learning experiences —  across all primary channels within financial services, healthcare, agribusiness, automotive, distribution and logistics, high tech, and more.



Conversational User Experiences

Conversational UX is an evolution toward natural-language interactions via AI personalities, voice-enabled apps, and robotics. Solstice is pioneering new two-way conversations between man and machine that will no longer be merely through static modal windows; they will be in all the ways our brain is hardwired—speaking, writing, and motion.


Augmented Intelligence Mash-Ups

Our ability to seamlessly integrate advanced augmented intelligence capabilities like machine learning and computer visioning into existing digital experiences is advancing every day. Just as mobile experiences quickly became baseline expectations, so will augmented intelligence mash up experiences across all channels.


Edge + Machine Learning Experiences

As computing power at the edge exponentially expands and 5G networks become more pervasive, our ability to integrate augmented intelligence in everything from cars to machines to appliances becomes limitless. The promises of connected experiences from the past decade will finally be delivered on.

Intelligent Customer Experiences Take a Village


brAInwave: The Augmented Intelligence Experience From Solstice Labs


Talk to Us about Designing and Building Intelligent Experiences

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