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automotive solstice automotive solstice

Or have they?

Efficiency. Performance. Reliability. Unparalleled experience.

The things consumers crave from their cars today are the same as they were in 1908 when Henry Ford showed the world what the future looked like. The tools of today have surely changed, but the equation for automotive manufacturers is still the same.


Unlike any other product in the world, the automobile is the perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. A carburetor, crankshaft and transmission on their own don’t travel very far. Winning the experience arms race in 2017 is no different and now requires a complete emerging tech toolbox.

Mobile, IoT, conversational UX, AR/VR and a clear cloud strategy must be firing on all cylinders.

No one is better at leveraging and combining these technologies to create remarkable customer experiences for the automotive industry than Solstice.

The pace at which the automotive industry is changing is more rapid today than ever before, and advancements in technology are undeniably the force at the helm of that change.

automotive solstice
automotive solstice

Introducing "Technology Crossbreeds"

As current technologies like mobile and cloud mature, and new tech like conversational interfaces, connected experiences and AR/VR emerge, the possibilities to think outside of individual channels and devices and create a buzzworthy customer experience will become limitless.

In the coming years, these “technology crossbreeds” will be primary drivers of heightened consumers expectations in the automotive world.

We're excited to be helping some of the best in the business leverage the next generation of emerging technologies.

solstice bmw connected car

BMW's Connected 7 Series

When BMW wanted to integrate Microsoft Cortana into the 7 Series for CES, they turned to Solstice to help out. 

solstice bosch vr

Bosch's VR Experience

Bosch tapped Solstice's VR expertise to provide a glimpse into the autonomous driving experiences of tomorrow.

solstice pepper robot automotive

A Buzzworthy Waiting Room Experience

Pepper's got it all: entertainment, dynamic maintenance content and the ability to check in on the status of your car service. Thanks to Solstice and our 4 ft. friend, the waiting room experience for one of the nation's largest manufacturers may never be the same.
solstice sweetworxx

Bosch Defines On-Demand Car Service

SWEETWORXX, a new Bosch venture, is changing the on-demand car repair game and through the development of iOS and Android apps, Solstice helped the Bosch team take full advantage of the latest in modern software engineering techniques.
2017 trends report solstice
2017 trends report solstice

Solstice | Kin + Carta 2019 Trends Report

The 9 digital trends that will dominate the enterprise — and society — in the year ahead. 

As you head into 2019, you’ll start to notice something about the world: It’s now more open and interconnected than ever. It is inescapable, and there’s no going back.

This is the overarching takeaway from our newly-released Solstice 2019 Trends Report.
In order to help you thrive in the year ahead, we identified and connected the most impactful and often disparate signals to form nine key trends, organizing them into three categories: buyer engagement, digital innovation, and enterprise transformation.

Download The Report

Ready to further discuss the new world of automotive crossbreeds?

Talk to our VP of Customer Experience, Paul Heckel.