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The idea that every business must become a digital business is no longer up for debate. It’s no longer a question of if, but when, and for the vast majority of enterprises we encounter, that “when” isn't progressing nearly fast enough.

To no one’s surprise, that’s because transformation efforts are arduous, challenging undertakings. They require the vision and drive from a few courageous executives and the buy-in and belief from throughout the ranks. It's no wonder gaining momentum can pose such a challenge.


At Solstice, we realized long ago that our real value was not just in delivering a remarkable digital experience, but in equipping our clients with the skills, methodologies and tools to accelerate their own digital transformation.

For some of the largest and most reputable enterprises in the world, Solstice provides both the executive-level guidance required to make the difficult decisions and the in-the-trenches support across disciplines such as human-centered design, rapid experimentation, agile delivery and modern software engineering.

When we say we prove what your business is capable of, we want to show, not tell.

solstice digital transformation
solstice digital transformation

The Four Pillars of Digital Maturity

The definitions of “digital maturity” and “digital transformation” can often be fuzzy or ambiguous at best. We believe organizations must evolve and mature four key areas if they want to realize meaningful outcomes from their efforts: modern software engineering, delivery processes, product strategy and user experience.

By first identifying key impediments holding an organization back in each of these areas, a concrete plan for the most effective path forward can be development and executed.

solstice modern software engineering

Solstice helps firms make the mission-critical shift from centralized and dependent to decentralized and independent. When the monolith is successfully, and securely, broken into smaller, more autonomous components, teams scale indefinitely, independent releases happen regularly and the terms “inflexible and rigid” are replaced with “composable and empowered."

solstice delivery processes

Organizations have adopted Agile processes over the last 15+ years in an effort to operate more effectively and deliver more rapidly. For those not seeing the desired results and outcomes, there’s a good chance that process evolution happened sans the necessary organizational, cultural and mindset shifts. “Agile” teams that lack the necessary empowerment will undoubtedly become frustrated teams. We help organizations ensure people, process and technology evolutions happen in lockstep.
solstice product strategy

Answering questions like, “Will this new endpoint payoff? Where and how should we prioritize our efforts? And, what products will products the greatest ROI?” has never been more challenging. We help companies leverage and combine human-centered design, new sources of data, and experiment-based product strategies to eliminate waste and consistently make better product strategy investments.
solstice user experience

Simply put, great UX comes down to customer-obsession throughout every step of the development process. By combining human-centered philosophies with strong collaboration between strategy, research, design and development teams, Solstice helps ensure the right products and features are consistently designed and built for the right audience.

Learning-In-Context: The Fastest Path to Maturity

Even with the vision and support of the executive team, digital transformational efforts are some of the most challenging endeavors an organization will undertake. As a result, you can bet it’s not going to happen successfully in a classroom.

That’s why we take a change-in-context approach when it comes to institutionalizing change.

Leveraging our award-winning development methodology, CXDD™ (Customer Driven Development Methodology), we work side-by-side with key stakeholders to transfer domain knowledge across the four pillars of transformation within the context of a project.

With this groundswell approach, think of paired coaching in the context of delivering a new conversational UX project versus a full offsite training session, or new/ greenfield cloud-native application as a catalyst for cloud adoption.

When change happens in the context of an already planned initiative, the resulting impact is exponential: a visible win for the organization today and the opportunity to start tomorrow's new project on square two.

2017 trends report solstice
2017 trends report solstice

Solstice | Kin + Carta 2019 Trends Report

The 9 digital trends that will dominate the enterprise — and society — in the year ahead. 

As you head into 2019, you’ll start to notice something about the world: It’s now more open and interconnected than ever. It is inescapable, and there’s no going back.

This is the overarching takeaway from our newly-released Solstice 2019 Trends Report.
In order to help you thrive in the year ahead, we identified and connected the most impactful and often disparate signals to form nine key trends, organizing them into three categories: buyer engagement, digital innovation, and enterprise transformation.

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