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What can happen in a moment's notice? A lot actually.

A click, a tap, a swipe and now through a word, we're closer than ever to our funds, balances, and accounts.

Each and every of these interactions represents a micro moment that over time, comes to define the relationships we have with the organizations holding our deposits, lending us money, clearing our trades and offering us financial advice.

While thinking big is a non-negotiable in today's fast-paced environment, sometimes it's just as important to focus on the small stuff.


At Solstice, we’re helping financial organizations leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to surprise, delight and exceed expectations at every turn.  

Our innovative approach to digital innovation couples strategic thinking with full stack design and engineering to ensure precisely the right digital products and experiences are built and delivered.

Solstice accelerates the idea-to-value equation for the world’s most reputable financial services brands.


Solstice's Expertise: Digital Experience Innovation

Banks, lending firms, insurance providers, wealth management institutions, exchanges and trading firms choose Solstice to help in three specific areas of digital innovation.


Reimagined Customer Experiences

Reimagine your customer experiences for a digital era through Solstice's CXDD approach, which combines human-centered design, the latest technologies and modern software engineering techniques.


Groundbreaking New Digital Products

Work with Solstice to ideate, design and build groundbreaking digital products that open up new channels, create new business models and most importantly, encourage new ways of thinking.


Advanced Digital Operations

Accelerate your own digital transformation. Transform your internal operations by digitizing and automating both front and back offices alike, freeing employees up for higher value activities.

Delivering digital experiences your customers want, and the ones they didn't yet know were possible.

From paying a bill with Siri to checking a balance with Alexa, staying disconnected from our new connected world simply isn’t an option.

Banking & Lending

At Solstice, we're pushing retail banks to reach their utmost potential. We’re helping organizations like yours dramatically improve customer satisfaction, reduce friction, and signal to customers that you’re committed to serving them on their terms.

See how we’re helping retail banks deliver digital experiences that deepen customer relationships.

Investing & Wealth Management

Wealth managers are about to face the largest transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, in the history of our world. Whether you’re serving Baby Boomers or Millennials, Solstice works with you to maximize relationships with all parties plugged into the financial ecosystem, ensuring needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

See how we’re creating digital solutions that help build trust and improve customer loyalty for wealth management and investment firms. 


The total number of insured isn’t expected to significantly increase anytime soon, which means future profits will come from one of two areas: more efficient operations or digital products and experiences worth switching for. From financial to health and everything in between, Solstice is helping insurance firms ensure future profits by turning digital innovation into a strategic advantage.

See how we're helping insurance providers embrace digital disruption and provide more than just coverage.

Join the Conversation: The Future of Financial Services

We invite you to join us this fall as members of Solstice's digital strategy team sit down with the best and brightest across banking, lending, investing, wealth management and insurance to answer the question, "What's next in Financial Services?"

The time to get ahead in financial services is right now.

We can help. Contact our VP of Customer Experience, Paul Heckel.