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We live in a world of unparalleled opportunity.

Opportunities to rethink how products are brought to market, how information flows through an organization, and how customers are serviced. All driven by digital innovation.

But taking advantage of these opportunities doesn't come easy.

It often requires companies to rethink and even to break processes, long-held beliefs, cultural norms, and even channel relationships. All of which may be seemingly working well today.

Because here’s the bottom line: digital has blurred the lines between the expectations of B2B and B2C:


For those in the industrial, manufacturing and logistics sectors facing the rising tide of better, faster and cheaper expectations, now is the time to make a move.

Advanced manufacturing, connected products, and direct-to-consumer sales channels will all be table stakes in the not so distant future and internal employee workflows of every kind will be reimagined and reengineered.

At Solstice, we’re helping our Industrial clients achieve mission-critical wins today, while accelerating digital transformation efforts to help outpace tomorrow.

Solstice B2B
Solstice B2B

Solstice's Focus: Digital Experience and Innovation

Solstice works with the world's leading industrial, manufacturing and logistics companies across three specific areas:

Reimagining Customer Experiences

Leveraging customer-centric design, the latest technologies, and modern software engineering techniques, Solstice helps companies rethink their customer journeys for a digital era.  

Creating New Digital Products & Services

Emerging technologies are rapidly enabling companies to connect products, create new business models and open up new channels. Solstice works with enterprises to fundamentally rethink what it is they’re actually selling.

Helping to Advance Digital Operations

When it comes to internal operations, Solstice provides an edge by helping to deploy new levels of automation, accelerate the adoption of new technologies and methodologies internally, and increase the flow of critical information to every corner of the organization.

AgTech B2B Solstice

A New Day is Dawning in Yield Optimization

In the world of agriculture, precision and timing are everything. Solstice partners with one of the world's leading agtech organizations to digitally enable their tractors and other advanced machinery using a multitude of technologies including connected hardware and software, conversational endpoints, cloud-native development, and mobile functionality. The result: A more informed farmer and a more bountiful harvest. 

KeHE B2B Solstice

KeHE Reengineers 1 Billion Experiences

When you're in the logistics business, you cringe at the idea of any cogs in the wheel, literal and metaphorical alike. As a natural, organic and specialty food distributor, KeHE partnered with Solstice to evolve their customer journeys to ensure seamless and frictionless interactions throughout a complicated supply chain of customers, vendors and suppliers. A holistic digital strategy based on human-centered design methodologies resulted in incremental growth that pushed KeHE over the billion order mark, annually.

Rockwell B2B Solstice

Rockwell Automation Elevates Their CX

As the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, it's safe to say Rockwell Automation offers more than a few products and services. Ensuring their that customers can find exactly what they need, when they need it, anywhere in the world is a non-negotiable. Rockwell Automation partners with Solstice to design and build front-end applications that make it easier to search, retrieve information, place orders and more. A complicated process with a simple endgame: a better customer experience.

Grainger B2B Solstice

All Roads Lead Back to Mobile at Grainger

Grainger's customers are rarely in one spot for long. With millions of products in demand at any given moment, Grainger needed a mobile strategy that ensured a loss of functionality didn't accompany a reduction in screen size when their customers were in the field. Grainger partnered with Solstice to develop a holistic digital experience roadmap that prioritized the design and creation of a mobile ordering application. The result: a large uptick in orders from an always mobile customer.

Webinar: Reengineering Industry for a Digital World with Rockwell Automation

Industrial, manufacturing, and logistics companies are currently experiencing a digital revolution.

With customer expectations on the rise and the advancement of current technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things, industry organizations are facing both unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

Listen to this wide-ranging conversation with Eric Rehl, Director of Digital Business at Rockwell Automation, as he discusses where they're at on their digital transformation and connected enterprise journeys.

You will walk away with knowledge on:

  • Aligning business units to drive organizational change
  • Learning to identify the right digital investments
  • Driving digital transformation from the inside-out
  • And much more!

The Imperative Is Clear: Every Business Must Become a Digital Business

Watch our webinar now:

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