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We’ve combined the power of Agile, human-centered design, and rapid experimentation into an iterative, collaborative process that we call Customer Experience Driven Development (CXDD™).

CXDD™ empowers us to create software better than anyone else.
Why? Because we know your customer better than they do.
We live the brand. We become the customer.  So we can build the right experiences quickly. 

accelerate time-to-value with CXDD™

Our developers don’t just code. Our designers don’t just make experiences look beautiful. And you won’t find our scrum masters hiding behind a spreadsheet all day. Your users are at the center of everything we do, and we’re going to use human-centered design to interview, research and validate everything we create until we know them better than our own families. We’ll use agile and rapid experimentation to push you not to build the product you think you want, but instead build the product your customers need. And at the end of the day, that means digital solutions - from mobile to web, IoT and emerging tech - that get to market quickly and ultimately drive business results. Here is how we do it.



we are design-gineers.

In our lean agile environment, our designers and developers come together to create a dynamic-duo: the design-gineer. Unlike traditional software development, our teams work side-by-side throughout the entire product development process co-creating features with the same goals in mind; to deliver a high quality product driven by the customer.

“Solstice Mobile's ‘design-gineering’ methodology accelerates time-to-value."
- How To Work Smarter With Technology Teams, Forrester, April 2016


"If you really want to try and solve a problem, get out of your comfort zone and change your perspective. When I hopped in a semi-truck and ran routes with a driver, I learned more than I ever would have thought to ask."

- Nate Ley, Principal Digital Strategist, Solstice Mobile


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