A cloud-native foundation is a critical ingredient for enterprises to enable world-class digital customer experiences. The Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform provides the speed and flexibility organizations need to keep up with today’s ever-changing technology and consumer expectations. It allows enterprises to build cloud-native architectures in their existing data centers while their long-term public cloud strategies are still evolving or have yet to be defined. With the flexibility to move to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud in the future, organizations can reap the benefits of a cloud computing platform today with PCF.


Solstice helps Fortune 500 companies accelerate their journeys on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Working closely with Pivotal, we decompose legacy applications by modernizing them into microservice-based architecture and also build new digital customer experiences. At the same time, we transform development teams through the use of pair programming, continuous delivery, and test-driven development. With hundreds of cloud-native developers and a team that has completed Pivotal’s Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL) training, Solstice has the experience to advance your cloud-native journey quickly.

Pivotal and Solstice have helped Country Financial move to agile development processes by allowing customers to enjoy new ways of doing business with the company and helping COUNTRY Financial’s operations pros/developers feel “reinvigorated” about their jobs.
Solstice was named 2018 Systems Integrator Agile Partner of the Year by Pivotal Software, Inc. at this year’s SpringOne Platform. Pivotal’s Agile Partner of the Year award highlights the joint efforts between Solstice and Pivotal in successfully delivering business outcomes and revolutionizing software development practices with Fortune 500 clients. For more information click here

Solstice gets you there quicker

From building new applications on PCF to replatforming existing applications, Solstice has the PCF expertise to advance any enterprise.

New app development

We help you build new applications on PCF.

Replatform, modernize, and rewrite existing apps

Using a combination of Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Services, we break monolithic applications down into microservices to enable exceptional digital experiences.

Equip your team for the future

We teach new methods of digital product design, modern software engineering tactics and DevOps practices to accelerate the velocity of your organization as a whole.

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